Best Eyes Make-Up Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Gorgeous

Defined eyes look gorgeous when they are well groomed. They easily attract attention if you make some efforts. Your overall looks are incomplete without a perfect eye makeup. Even if you are not a perfectionist, but making little efforts to make your eyes gorgeous can make you look stunning. A party-look or even an office makeup is incomplete without a perfect eye makeup. If you have no clue how to groom your eyes to grab attention, we are here sharing some simple tips for eye makeup.

Use eye primer: If you want that your eye makeup will last longer, then before applying eyeshadow use eye primer. These are easily available in the market. It will help in keeping your eyeshadow smooth and crack free for a longer time. That way, your eyeshadow will be at its place for a longer time.

Make your eye look big and bold: To give your eyes the much-desired look, it is important that you give them right shape. The trick making them bold and big is to create depth with your eyeshadow. The best way to do so is to choose two different shades. First, apply the lighter shade and then go for the darker shade and apply it all above your eyelid. This will give a dimension to your eye and make them bigger and bold. But, don’t forget to blend the colors well to create the flawless look.

Pick the right shadow: While doing your eye makeup the most crucial thing is choosing eyes shadow color, which will compliment your looks and your attire. While choosing the eyes shadow, it is important that you keep your skin tone in mind. The darker your skin tone, the warmer your eyeshadow color should be. Don’t go for contrasting colors for eyeshadow, it looks odd and spoils your overall makeup.

Always use eyeliner: To define your eye makeup, don’t forget to apply eyeliner. Use gel, pencil or liquid eyeliner on the top lash line to define them. Use any liner, which you can apply perfectly and easily. You can choose any shade of eyeliner, as they are available in different colors and shades. If you don’t want to experiment much with eyeliner color, then go for black eyeliner. Just ensure that top and bottom eyeliner meet at the outer corner of your eye.

Use eyebrow pencil: To give volume to your eyebrows, use eyebrow pencil. It gives the desired volume and makes them more prominent and dark. If your eyebrows are skinny, then you can use it to give them a little volume. Furthermore, it will help in giving the right shape to your eyebrows.

Use mascara: Your eye makeup is incomplete without touching up mascara. First, curl your lashes a bit for a few seconds and then let go. Apply at least two to three coats of mascara from base to tip to give bounce to your eyelashes. It will make your eyelashes super thick and super black. So to make your eyes photo perfect, use at least two coats of mascara.

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