Avoid These Five Things Just After Having Your Meal

If you think that eating healthy and right things is enough to keep yourself healthy and fit, then you are totally wrong. There are a lot more things, which play important role in keeping you happy and healthy. Your different pre-meal and post-meal activities can play a vital role in keeping you fit and healthy. There are many things which one should avoid just after having your meal. Let’s take a look at a few things which you should avoid after having your meal to stay fit and healthy.

Never smoke: Those who smoke generally feel a strong urge to smoke after having their meal. Smoking is unhealthy in any form, but it is more harmful and injurious after a meal. It is ten times more killer than smoking otherwise. It is best to avoid the temptation of smoking just after your meal.

Don’t take bath after a meal: This is another thing which should be strongly avoided after having a meal. At least wait for minimum 30 minutes or more to take a shower after having a meal. Digestion needs a lot of energy and when you take shower, the blood vessels divert the flow of energy. Therefore, let your food get digested, so you will not feel the problem of bloating or indigestion because of the bath. So if you want to let your food get easily digested, then don’t take a shower just after having your meal.

Avoid coffee or tea: It is very important to avoid tea or coffee just after the meal. Make it a point of avoiding tea and coffee just after the meal. Tea and coffee have their own health benefits, but after having them just after your meal can affect your digestion. According to different health experts, a coffee or tea should be consumed after an hour so after having your meal. As they release different types of chemicals in your stomach, so it may create uneasiness or slow down your digestion.

Avoid walking: People generally go for a walk just after having their meal with the assumption that it will help in digesting the food. But, this is a myth, one should not go for a walk just after having the meal. Try to avoid walking for at least 30 minutes or so after having your meal.

Don’t sleep just after a meal: If you are habitual of taking an afternoon nap just after your meal then you are affecting your health. You should avoid taking nap just after your meal. You should try to engage yourself in different activities like watching television, talking, chatting or whatever you like. Generally, when you lie down to sleep just after having your food, then your digestive juices travel in opposite direction and as a result, entire digestion process gets affected with this. Therefore, you should avoid dozing just after your meal.

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