Are you in love? Never tell these 7 things to your boyfriend

Your boyfriend is your best friend and this is really a great feeling. Sharing everything with your boyfriend is good and it brings a level of trust in a relationship. Open and good communication is good for your relationship, but you should always understand that there is a limit for everything and you should not cross that limit in your relationship. Your boyfriend is someone with whom you share your feelings, thoughts, laughter and much more, but there is a difference between your platonic best friend and boyfriend and you should always remember that difference. You should not forget that men are known for unpredictable egos and arrogance, therefore, you should avoid sharing everything and anything with your boyfriend. Here, we are sharing seven important things, which you should never share with your boyfriend.

You remind me of my ex: This is something which you should never say to your partner. It is a big ‘NO-NO’. No matter how close you are with your boyfriend or how ruined your past relationship was, still you should never say this to your boyfriend. It might be you hurt him or his feelings, therefore avoid making such a statement. Everyone is different and people have different attitude and expectations from a relationship, therefore, it is always better to not to say such things to your boyfriend.

Your friend is really hot: In his mind, he is the only one for you and he is someone who is just perfect for you in all aspects. Telling him such a thing that his friend is too hot or you liked his friend might hurt his male ego. Don’t make your man insecure by telling your boyfriend that his friend is hot or something similar, even you too would not like it if he too makes something similar statement for your friend. So always maintain that respect in your relationship.

We need to talk: Good communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship. But, making this statement that we need to talk might take this thought to the negative side. It might be your boyfriend will think that you want to share or discuss something negative. Therefore, it might be your discussion will lead in the wrong direction. So, discuss whatever you want to discuss with him, but don’t make such statements.

Your problem is not big deal: Never tell your boyfriend that his problem is not a big deal. Always be sensitive to his needs and be an emotional support to him. In a relationship, you should always remember that your boyfriend to have expectations from you. Therefore, be available to him whenever he needs. It might be you are considering his problem as a small thing, but for him, it really matters a lot. So, never use such a statement to him.

I need time away from you: It is true that we all need some time for self, but it is better to communicate it in a better way. Rather saying this you need time away from him, tell him that you want to spend some time with self or alone.  Spending some time with self-does not mean that you are ignoring him or you are going away from him. So, be smart while choosing your words.

You have a bad dressing sense: Dressing sense is something very personal. You should never point out about his dressing sense as this is more about his styling and comfort. You should not point out about this until there is something very odd or out of place he is wearing.

You are overweight: It might be you are too close to your partner and you are very comfortable in saying everything and anything to your partner. But, you should always be cautious about pointing out his appearance and weight. If you think that he is a bit overweight, then it is better you ask your friend to tell this to him. It is always better to communicate this message through someone else as it will not give him any negative feelings.

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