Are you falling in love? Six Signs to notice

Falling in love with someone is really one of the best feelings in the world. You love to spend more and more time together. With each passing day you feel that your bond with your partner is getting stronger and you feel more comfortable with him/her. You feel butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him/her. Still, you are not sure whether it is love or just attraction. The signs of love could be different for everyone, but you should be smart enough to know and identify these sweet little gestures and signs to enjoy this beautiful phase. But, there are some indications and signs which are subtle and common for all. Here, we are sharing six signs to notice that you have actually fallen in love with your special one. 

You are all the time thinking about him/her: This is something very common and one of the strongest signs to notice if you are in love with someone. You all the time think about your partner either you are with your friends or watching a movie or anything else that you can relate with him or her. You recall each and every moment you spent with that special someone. You talk about him/her with more interest and confidence. 

You love to hug and cuddle: With him/her you want to cuddle more and hug more and more. This is the new way of showing your love and it brings happiness on your face. It brings an emotional connection and bonding between the two. You feel more calm and happy with these sweet feelings instead of thinking about other things. 

You don’t hesitate to text back: This is something really common when you are in love with someone. You don’t hesitate to text back or you don’t pay much attention to what he/she will think about your reply. You don’t mind waiting for a reply, besides you are comfortable with their replies and time s/he takes. 

You develop trust: Over the period of time you start trusting your partner. You start believing in their thoughts, ideas, and future plans. You are no more scared about going alone with your partner. The thought of a dinner or late night movie no more scares you or gives you goosebumps. You never thought that he/she might hurt you physically or emotionally at any point in time. If you have reached such a level of trust then you are surely in love with your partner. 

Planning your future: You may not even realise it that many times you both make plans for different things and trips. You start making future plans such as changing jobs considering your future and partner in mind. You want to save some money for your future and other things to enjoy together. You always want to stick to your plans. 

You miss them more: You miss your partner more and more with each passing day as your bond gets stronger. You never miss even a single opportunity to say “I Miss You” to your partner. You feel sad if you don’t see your partner even for a single day. You miss them way too much and you still love this feeling. 

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