Are You Doing These Common Food Mistakes? 5 Deadly Food Combinations To Avoid

Eating healthy is really important for your health and body. Generally, we gulp a lot of things and eat different food combinations, which we consider healthy. Actually, there are many food combinations that we assume as healthy, but they are not. There are some common food combinations like mixing milk with banana, cheese with meat and fruits in salads are some very common combinations. But, there are some common combinations that are not at all good for your health and you can’t consider them as healthy. Moreover, they inhibit the digestive system and trigger stomach ache, digestive issues and different health problems. Here, we are sharing some deadly food combinations, which you should avoid to stay healthy and happy.

Protein with milk: This is a very common food combination and we follow quite often. If you mix milk with protein, then it could cause heaviness and different digestive issues in some people. Therefore, you should avoid this combination or if you really want to mix it, then try it first. However, mixing milk with banana and different protein-rich food proves beneficial for those who want to gain weight, but actually, this causes more digestive issues and not beneficial for all. Rather, you should also avoid eating meat, fish and other protein-rich products with milk.

Sour food with milk: This is another food combination that you should seriously avoid to stay healthy. We should avoid mixing acidic and citrus food items with milk. It can prove dangerous for your digestive system and health as well. All health and nutrition experts suggest not to mix fruits rich in vitamin C with milk and other dairy products.

Two protein-rich foods: There are many food items, which are rich in protein like red meat, fish, eggs, bacon, soybean and other foods. You should never mix these protein-rich food items together and make a combination. These food combinations are not really good for your digestive system and take a long time to digest. Therefore, it is always suggested to eat your meals in courses keeping the right portion in protein with other combinations.

Drinking water during the meal: This is a very common thing and you quite often drink water or juices with your meal. However, this is very toxic food combinations. Water dilutes your stomach acids and reduces their effectiveness in breaking down protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Therefore, if you really feel the urge to drink water, it is better you should drink water 10 minutes before the meal or 20 minutes after having your meal to improve your digestion.

Fruits after the meal: The fruits contain simple sugars and other vitamins, thus they don’t stay for a longer time in your stomach and require no heavy digestion. Other foods which are rich in fat, protein, and starch stays longer in your stomach and require more time for digestion. So, if you eat fruits after your meal it will stay for a longer period in your stomach and ferment. Therefore, if you want to eat fruits, it is better to have them empty stomach or one hour before your meal.

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