9 Super Amazing Benefits Gooseberry/Amla

The health benefits of Indian gooseberry are many. They are popularly known as amla and easily available in the vegetable market and food stores as well. These green super gooseberries are rich in vitamin C. This is very beneficial for our body and brain as well. It is very beneficial for improving your digestion, improving skin and eliminating other health issues. Here are nine health benefits of gooseberries or amla to stay fit and healthy.

Improves reproduction: Gooseberries or amla is very popular as vrishya herb. It is helpful in improving the all seven tissues including the reproductive tissues. This useful fruit improves the reproductive system in both males and females as well. If you are facing the issue in conceiving, then you can use amla to improve your chances of conceiving. The vipaka properties of amla helps to improve the quality semen in men

Slows down aging: It is a great fruit, rich in multiple health benefits. It is full of antioxidants that are very useful in reducing the cell damage. It minimizes the effects of free radicals and thus effectively slows down the aging process.

Treats sore throat: If you are facing the problem of a sore throat or having cough as well, then this beneficial fruit can help in fighting the common cold and cough. If you mix gooseberry juice with a few strings of chopped ginger and mixed with a tablespoon of honey can help in getting rid of your sore throat problem easily.

Fight against heart disease: Rise in the level of cholesterol in the body can lead to heart disease. Amla is helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol and lower the risk the heart disease as well. It also reduces clogging in the arteries by boosting good cholesterol or HDL. Many studies have also shown the benefits in preventing the thickening of blood vessel walls.

Reduces blood sugar: Many research have shown that the fruits, which are rich in polyphenol protect you from high blood sugar. Amla can thus be very beneficial for those who are suffering from diabetes. If you are suffering from sugar, then you should add this beneficial fruit in your daily diet to control your sugar level.

Rich in digestive fiber: This beneficial fruit is rich in fiber, water content and has anti-inflammatory properties. Fiber is very important for bowel movements. Amla is helpful in boosting your digestion and improving the whole process.

Boosts immunity: Gooseberry or amla is a good source of antioxidants and Vitamin C. It also contains tannins. It improves the ability of the body to fight different diseases and seasonal health problems. It reduces the damage free radicals causes to the cells, thus helpful in improving the immunity.

Beneficial for eye: Amla is very beneficial for eye sigh as well. It is helpful in improving the eye-sight and prevents you from age-related macular degeneration. The antioxidant available in the gooseberry reduces the stress of eye and protects your eye retina and reduces the risk of cataract at early-age as well.

Lower stress level: Amla is useful in lowering the level of stress and helps in improving sound sleep. Massage your scalp with amla oil to enjoy a soundless sleep and relieve headaches.

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