8 Signs That He Is Not Going To Tie The Wedding Knot With You

Do you think that he is deeply in love with you and you want to marry him? Do you think that he can do anything for you and will not leave you under any situation? If you think so, but there are things that bother you a lot. Marriage is a very big thing and many people find it too difficult to make a decision. No matter how much you love him, or how many times he repeats the golden words, “I Love You” in a day, but when it comes to marriage he keeps mum. If you keep on asking him to meet your parents for marriage, but all the time he keeps on telling you he needs some more time, then he must be cooking something in his mind. Here are eight sings, which will give you a clear-cut indication that he will not going to tie the wedding knot with you.

He is not there when you need him: No matter, how good you two look together, but when it comes to emotional support, then he is not there for you. If you are emotionally down and you need him to be with you as emotional support, but he is nowhere, then it is a kind of indication that he is planning something else.

He never makes future plan: Whenever you start talking about your future, or you ask him about things related to your future and he ignores the talk, for sure there is something fishy. Whenever you are in deep love with someone and you want to marry him, in that case you always plan your future with him/her. You love to talk about your marriage plans, savings, home and future kids and much more. But, if he is not taking any interest in such talk, then he is thinking something different.

Postponing your meeting with his parents: Whenever you ask him to introduce you to his parent, he always gives you some excuse like they are not in city, or it is not the right time, or he will take you home next time, or last night he had a big fight with them or something similar to end this discussion. He never encourages this conversation; rather end it with giving such excuses.

I need some more time: If you ask him questions like when will you guys get married? Or what are his future plans about marriage, he does not have any concrete reply instead of telling you that he is not ready for it right now and he needs some more time. If he is telling you this every time when you ask him for marriage, then pay attention to his words, as it is a kind of alarm for you.

He is not ready for commitment: Is he the type who is not ready for any commitment, there are chances that he will not marry you. If you love someone, then you don’t hesitate to make commitments with your partner, but if he is avoiding any commitments regarding future, there are chances that he will ditch you in the future.

He never cares for your thoughts: If someone in your group will ask you about him and his future plans, then you can tell him/her everything what he thinks and what he is up to. But, on the reverse side, if someone will ask him about your thoughts and future plans, then he is just clueless.
He avoids going out with you: He is not ready or even eager to go out with you on dinner or lunch. If you make a plan for romantic dinner date, then he hardly response to it or cancel it by giving you excuses like he has some urgent work in office or he is not feeling well or something else.

He never involves you in anything: You can’t imagine anything without him, but when it is his turn to share things with you, then he is in a kind of shell. He hardly shares anything with you or tells something about his life and family. He is more secretive about things. He doesn’t share any special what’s there in his mind with you.

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