7 Smart Hacks To Minimize Your Wedding Shopping Expenses

Are you going to tie the wedding knot soon? Are you worried about your wedding shopping expenses? If you are thinking that you are going to be bankrupt after your wedding, then you are wrong. If you do smart shopping and you know what to shop and how to shop, you will never gonna be bankrupt after your wedding shopping. Besides, you will be able to save money. Here are some smart shopping hacks to minimize your wedding shopping expenses.

Make a check-list: Before you start doing shopping and pulling your hair, it is very important to make a check list. It will help in understanding that what are you going to shop and what are your requirements. It will further help you to not miss anything important you need after marriage.

Cross check your shopping list: Once you are ready with your shopping list, it is better to you cross-check your shopping list with your family. At times, we add a lot of unnecessary things in our list as we assume that they are useful, but actually they are not. Therefore, once you are ready with your shopping list share your list with your family members and with your sibling if they are already married. Besides, you can take help of your married friends and cousins to understand things, which are really important and which are the things you can discard from your list.

Fix a shopping budget: If you think that you have enough money and you can shop endlessly, then you are wrong. Fixing a shopping budget will help you in many ways like you will be aware of your maximum spending limit. Secondly, you know that you have to shop important things within your budget and avoid wasting money on unnecessary things. Thirdly, you will not buy something for the sake of shopping only. Fourthly, it will help in keeping a check on your overall spending and budget.

Don’t go for crazy shopping: To maintain a good shopping expenditure, it is very important that you don’t go for crazy shopping. Don’t shop something because it is looking good or you are in shopping mood. But, think before you buy something, is it really worth shopping or investing your money in that particular stuff.

Shop according to season: Most of us end up doing this mistake that we shop for the next two seasons. This is something, which you should not do. If you are getting married in winters then it is always good to shop according to winter or buy something clothes that you can wear in winter and summer as well. In India, almost 9 months you have summer/moderate weather, when you actually don’t need any winter clothes. So investing huge money in winter clothes because you are getting married in winter is not wise move. So, shop according to the season only.

Don’t shop for tradition: When you go out for shopping with your family, most of the families force their kids to shop things for traditions and rituals. For instance, if you are working and your mother is asking you to buy too many sarees, then it almost wastage of money because generally most of us prefer to wear suits, kurti’s and jeans at our work place not saree. So, buying two-three sarees is fine, but buying too many is not the right approach. To follow the traditions, two-three saree and two-three suits are more than enough.

Don’t invest too much in jewelry: Jewelry is a big investment point for most of the families. Generally, people end up invest minimum Rs. 1Lakh to endless money in jewelry. It is always better to go for small, trendy and chick jewelry instead of heavy necklace and heavy jewelry. Think about the usability. Are you really going to wear those heavy neck-pieces? Absolutely not! Therefore, it always good to shop smartly and invest only in such jewelry, you think that you will wear after marriage easily.


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