7 Unique Things About iphone X That Nobody Will Tell You

iPhone X is the most awaited and advanced phone of the year. The special features and advanced technology make this phone different from other smartphones. The sales data of Apple iPhone X reflects that people simply love it and its unique features. The phone comes with never before features and specifications. If you are also planning to buy this smart gadget, then we are here giving you some more reasons to buy it. We are here revealing some unique features of iPhone X that nobody will tell you.

Radically new design: This smartphone is not just smart because of its never before features, but it is smart because of its latest design. The iPhone X’s miniaturized logic board is incredibly space efficient and smart. Its new design makes it more appealing and iconic.

Dual battery: Apple’s iPhone X comes with two battery cells inside. So, you need not worry about that the battery backup of your phone. This is a first time when any iPhone comes with the dual battery. The company has shrunk the logic to create space for the new L-shaped battery component.

OLED display: In iPhone X, the phone has OLED display driver as per the techinsights. This is Apple’s first-ever iPhone which comes with OLED screen display for better picture quality and display.

Better storage: The storage capacity of iPhone X is better than other iPhones available in the market. So this is the biggest advantage of this smartphone. The phone has 3GB of RAM and 64GB of flash storage capacity offering more storage capacity to users.

Image sensor feature: The phone is first of its kind and comes with the unique image sensor. It has image sensor facility, which is used to unlock the phone. This sensor is really tough to unlock, so now the users need not worry about phone theft.

Wireless charging: The phone has wireless charging facility. So, you need not worry about the charging.

Infrared camera: The infrared camera of iPhone X makes it different from other iPhones. It takes the image of your face to form a depth map of the face. It also makes 2D infrared images for better picture quality. It comes with 7MP front camera and 12MP rear camera.

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