7 Types Of Men You Should Never Accept As Your Partner

When you start liking someone you tend to spend more and more time with him. You just want to be with him only all the time. You imagine and dream about a lot of things with him and sometimes even your future with him. But, meanwhile, you should always pay attention to a few things before going too far in a relationship. For a healthy and strong relationship, you need an understanding, caring and loving partner. Guys come in all sizes, shapes, and nature as well. It is you, who have to decide whom you want to choose and accept as your partner and spend rest of your life. Here, we are sharing seven different types of guys from whom you should stay away and should never accept as a partner.

Non-committing type: It might be he is not sure about this relationship or he is avoiding committing anything to you. He likes you, he just wants to spend more time with you, but he still doesn’t want to commit anything about you. They are just afraid of committing anything in this relationship. It is another possibility that he is just passing time with you and he is not at all serious about this relationship.

Angry type: There are many guys who just can’t control their anger and don’t know how to manage their anger. If he doesn’t know how to control his anger and how to behave normally with you, then it is better to avoid him. He is constantly yelling, shouting and always scaring you with his short temperament and anger.

Non-communicative: Communication is an essential part of any relationship. When you are in a strong and healthy relationship you talk and discuss a lot of things with your partner. If he is not willing to share anything with you, or he avoids any talk or discussion with you, then he must be hiding something or he is not interested in any communication. Healthy communication builds a strong relationship and develops an attachment. Being introvert is different from being non-communicative. So, pay attention to his behavior.

Unsatisfied type: There are many guys who compare you and your relationship with others. He compares you to others in different terms like looks, attitude, personality, professional achievements and could be anything. It always seems like no matter how hard you try or how good you are, still, you can’t make them happy. He is never satisfied with what you are.

Materialistic type: When you are in a strong relationship, you pay attention to the needs and requirement of your partner as compared to your own needs. If he is more bothered about his own self, his needs and all the time worried about his materialistic things and money, then think before you take the next step in your relationship. Such kinds of guys are the self-centered and non-caring type.

Stalker type: This is the kind of guy who is overly obsessed with you. He is just busy in knowing what you are doing and where are you and keep tabs on all your daily activities minutely. He is always with you, but he is busier in keeping a check on you, rather trusting you and your words. He should always remember that you also have life and you also want to live and enjoy life the way you want.

Jealous type: These guys are insecure types. They are always insecure about your relationship, about you and actually everything. Such kinds of guys don’t like when you spend time with other friends or especially males. They always force you to cut off from rest of the world and just communicate with them. They don’t trust you and your words easily and always doubt you and your words.

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