7 Types Guys You Should Not Marry At All To Stay Happy

Marriage is a very important and life-changing decision. You can’t marry someone because you find him attractive or your family is forcing you to settle down as soon as possible. You can’t take such an important decision in a hurry. You just can’t settle down for the material things or for love alone. To stay happy in a relationship and survive in a relationship, you need much more things than just money. There are many other things that you need in life and in a relationship like marriage. There are some guys which you should avoid and should not get marry them to stay happy. These types of guys will never be going to make you happy when it comes to a long lasting relationship like marriage. Here are seven types of guys you should never get married.

He treats you as an object: The guy who treats you as an object and thinks that you are a material, you should not marry such guy. He will never ever love you, rather he will always treat you as an object like his expensive car or a luxury watch. So, if you don’t want to be a showpiece in his life, then avoid any love relationship with such guy.

Super selfish guy: This kind of man is always bothered about his happiness and his requirements instead of thinking about others and giving them importance. He will always want that you think about him and care about him, but in return, you can’t expect the same from him as he will be always bothered about himself only.

Money minded guy: The guy is extremely money minded and always worried about money and expenditures. He is not worried about your happiness or your requirements, but he will be always busy in counting money and noting down how much money he has spent on you. So, if you don’t want to feel like a borrower, it is better to avoid such money minded guy.

Control freak guy: Such guy will never give you space and freedom in this relationship. He will always try to control you and your life. He will always behave like a boss and always try to rule you in everything. For him, relationship means total control on your life. He will never allow you to make decisions and enjoy your freedom because for him there is nothing as such freedom in your life.

Possessive about you: The guy who is always possessive about you. He will never accept that you go out with your other casual male friends. He will never trust you because for him you should not have any kind of relationship with other males. He will never digest that you will go out with your male friends or have fun with them.

Afraid to commit: He loves you like anything, he can do anything to see you happy, but whenever you ask him about commitments or taking the next step in your relationship he just avoids such discussions or change the topic. You don’t have any future with this man as he is not ready to commit anything because he doesn’t see you in his future.

Rude to you: The guy who is rude to you or who feels happy after making fun of you publically or after insulting you. You should not get married a man who doesn’t give you the respect you deserve as an individual and as his partner. Such kinds of person will never be going to respect you, rather he will never miss even a single opportunity to make you feel down in front of others.

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