7 Tricks Men Use To Make Girls Fall In Love With Them

Love is always not as simple as it looks in Bollywood movies. A man has to make a lot of effort and take many initiatives to win the heart of the girl. Throughout the course of dating men make so many efforts to win the heart of their lady love. You must have heard only a few stories where girls have taken the initiatives, but in almost 99% of love affairs, it is a man who is expected to take the initiatives and make her say, “YES, I DO”. Generally, men are expected to do a lot of stuff to differentiate themselves from the rest of the guys and make a lasting impression in the eyes of girls. And if they take the right approach and do all things right, then there is hardly any chance that girls say, “NO” to them. There are certain traits and habits that seem as attractive to girls and they find them appealing. However, it is really difficult to count all or to mention a detailed list, but we are here sharing a few traits, which are considered attractive universally and make girls fall in love with men.

Mix behavior of hot and cold: Whenever he meets you or talks to you he always showers you with many compliments and beautiful words. He always makes you feel special. But, at times, he tries a different approach and deliberately ignores you to make you realize how important his compliments and words are to you. He tries to make you feel that he likes you that’s why he is doing all these things. This is his way of making you feel that you are someone really special to him and you get this clue right.

He doesn’t text you immediately: At times, he just holds his emotions and waits for your next reaction, instead of reverting to your text immediately. This is his way of testing how much you are involved with him or will it bother you if he takes some little extra time to revert to your message. This is his another way of testing your involvement with him.

Tell your flaws: If he feels that you are special to him and he likes you, he will surely point out your flaws in a very subtle and positive manner. He will never try to hurt or insult you because of your flaws, rather he will try to make you comfortable while sharing all this with you. He has a very clear intention to make you realize that he is accepting you for whatever you are and he is not making this as a point.

Confident and independent: He is very confident that he can take care of everything and he is independent too. He doesn’t need anybody’s help to take care of you or he is capable enough to live a good life with you and provide you all things you need to lead a happy life with him. He is always proud of what he has and what he is capable of doing for you and for your future.

Makes you feel jealous: To check what do you think about him or how much you are involved with him, he talks and giggles with other girls to make you feel jealous. This is his way to make you feel jealous and make you feel that you are not the only one, who is getting his attention there are other girls as well. These are all his tricks to make you fall in love with him and realize your love for him.

He has a life outside: He is showing that he is not too needy for this relationship. Rather, he makes this point clear that he has a life outside of this relationship as well. He spends time with his friends, watch movies and do his favorite things with them. These are all his ways of telling you that no doubt that you are very important for him, but still, he is not that needy for this relationship and he respects the thought of personal space.

Wants to make you laugh: The one who loves you most always wants to see a smile on your face. He always wants to make you laugh and enjoy things. He uses his tricks and wittiness to make you laugh. He wants to make you comfortable with him and feel that special connection with him.

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