Getting Married? 7 Thoughts Girls Have Before Marriage

Most of the girls grow up dreaming a lot of things about their marriage and wedding day. Marriage is really a big thing and you make many dreams about your marriage. From groom hunting to your marriage, being a girl you go through a lot of emotional ups and downs and changes. But, once your marriage date is fixed you are on a roller coaster as everything seems flying and you don’t have time for anything. But, still there is something, which is constantly blowing in your mind or subconscious. However, nothing can prepare you for the unseen things, but at least ease your journey. Here, we are sharing seven thoughts girls have before marriage:

Have I shopped everything: Wedding shopping is something, which never comes to an end. Whatever you shop, it always seems like you missed or forget something to buy. Till the last day before your wedding day, you keep on thinking that is there something missing from the buying list. Even there are many girls, who don’t mind to go for last minute shopping just before the wedding day.

Will I get the bridal-wear on time?: This is another biggest issue or concern of a girl before marriage. If you are going to wear a designer lehenga or going for the last minute alteration you are always worried about the timely delivery of your bridal wear. No matter how much assurance he/she has given you regarding the timely delivery of your dress, still you feel nervous about it.

Is this lehenga really good?: You have selected the best designer piece, and everybody in your family is appreciating your wedding dress, still you are worried about whether you would good in that dress or not. You are always worried about your wedding looks and wedding attire as you know it very well that everybody must be excited to see you in bridal wear. So, you don’t want to miss a single opportunity to look great on your wedding day.

Timely arrival of barat: However, being a bride you can’t do anything in this matter, still you keep on thinking about the arrival of the barat. You are always worried about the arrival of the barat because if you got a little late from your parlor and barat arrives on or before time, then everybody will say something or other to you. Or you will not get enough required time to get ready because of early arrival of barat as everyone at home will start calling you to reach early at mandap.

Is he the right one?: This question gives jittery night to all the girls before marriage. You know that your family has selected him for you. They can’t go wrong in selection. Even if you are going for love marriage, you know him in advance and after spending a lot of time together, you decided to marry him, still this questions comes to your mind frequently that are you really want to marry him or are you doing the right thing? So, this is one of the most common questions that come to your mind before marriage.

Would I reach mandap on time: You are always worried about the timing on your wedding day. In India, most of us are very specific about the marriage muhurat (auspicious time) and we strictly follow it to perform wedding rituals according to that time. Therefore, you are always worried whether your siblings will pick you up on time and something similar.

Am I really going to leave my parents?: This is very emotional for almost very girl. As you have spent a good time with your family and sibling and now you are going to leave your home for forever. You feel so emotional because of this thought. You never want to leave your parents, but as tradition you are supposed to do this and you can’t change the rituals. Therefore, you feel sad because of this very thought.


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