7 Things You Should Not Discuss On Your First Date

Talking plays very crucial role when it comes to your first date. Though, all of us are not blessed with this special skill. It is a kind of decisive factor on your first date, whether you will move to your next date or this will be your first and last date with him/her. So to keep things rolling, it is very important that you improve your conversational skill and be very cautious while talking with him/her on your first date. Many times, we regret talking something that we actually didn’t want to be said on our first date with someone. So keep a check on your words and be very smart while talking with someone on your first date. Always try to keep your first date light and positive, so that you will leave with the right chemistry. To make your journey easy, we are here sharing seven things that you should not discuss on your first date.

Don’t talk about your ex: Talking about your on your first date is a big time ‘NO’. You should always resist the temptation to talk about your ex on your first date. No matter, how bad experience you had with your ex or the reasons for your break up, still just avoid this topic on your first date.

I, Me, Myself: It is good to talk about yourself on your first date and letting the other person know more about you. But, it is equally important that you let your date also talk about himself/herself. The first date is more or less like your introduction to each other, so make it two-way communication, not just one way. Don’t show that you are too obsessed with yourself.

Sex: It might be you are too open-minded and modern, still the first date is not the right time to discuss sex. Keep this topic for your future date, but on your first date you should never discuss this topic, else you will scare your date. This topic should not at all be discussed on your first date as there are chances that you might offend and make your date uncomfortable by asking the questions about sex or discussing this topic.  

Money matters: Talking about money on your first date might make the other person uncomfortable. Most of the people don’t want to discuss money matters such as savings, salary, expenses and other money related things on their first date. You are not going to meet a financial consultant, but someone who might become your future partner. So, you can discuss this when you got engaged or on your later dates, but discussing this on your first date is not the right choice.

Discussing too much: This is another important thing you should keep in mind on your first date. No matter, how much you like the other person or how much you feel like planning your future with him/her, still discussing everything on your first date is not the right approach. Discussing your future plans, the expectation from him/her as your future partner, planning your family and discussing the kid’s name is too much too soon. So, it is always better to keep your first date simple and sweet, instead of making it complex by discussing all these things.

Complaining box: Nobody likes someone who is all the time complaining about things. Always ensure that you are not too much complaining about things and making negative remarks. Try to be more positive and optimistic on your first date, instead of discussing faulty and negative things.

Your parents: Don’t discuss your parents on your first date. This is not the right time and place to discuss them. No matter, how much you love them or how close you are to them, still discussing too your parents on your first date is not the things to do. This is your date, the other person is more interested in knowing about you, not about your parents. Talking a little bit about them is still fine, but dedicating your date on them might make the other person feel that you are still a mama’s boy or daddy’s princess.  

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