7 Signs To Notice That You Are In Love With A Wrong Person

Love is something which can’t be forced and it happens when you least expect it. It is really the most beautiful feeling and you enjoy every bit of it. It scares too, there is the flip side of this beautiful relationship. At times, you find that the most perfect and eligible person is not the right one for you. You find if really difficult to survive in that relationship. Here, we are sharing seven signs that you should notice that you are in a love with a wrong person.

Never reciprocate: You love them like anything and you can do anything for your partner. You do all things that no other person can do for your partner, but you find that your partner just doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings. You find that you are forcing yourself and emotions and it is the just one-sided attachment.

You can’t be yourself: To please them and to make them happy you never behave in your true self. You always have to pretend to be something else in front of your partner to make them happy. You always fear to lose your partner if you behave the way you are. You believe that they would never accept and approve you as a person in your true self.

You feel exhausted: A true and solid relationship gives you strength and makes you strong. It completes your life and makes you capable of doing things, which you never imagine you could ever able to do in life. You feel motivated and excited in a healthy relationship. But, if you are feeling opposite of it and you are feeling emotionally drained and exhausted in this relationship then you are surely in love with a wrong person.

Bad listener: Whenever you talk they just hear you what you are saying, but actually they are paying attention to your words. They are just hearing the words, but they are mentally occupied and involved in something else. They never pay attention to your words and have no interest in knowing what you feel and what you want in life.

You feel like puppet: Do you feel like a puppet of their hand? Do you think that you are always making efforts to make your partner happy? If you are all the time making efforts to make your partner happy and lost your true self, then you are surely in the wrong relationship. When you are in love, you always want to see your partner happy, but if you are all the time thinking this and your partner is not making any efforts to make you happy, then you need to think about this relationship.

Not behaving like a team: A happy and healthy relationship is a teamwork. You can’t survive in a relationship where you are giving your 100% and your partner is not contributing at all. If you are taking care of everything and responsible for everything and your partner is least bothered about the things, then it will become difficult for you to survive in such a relationship for a longer time.

Emotionally unavailable: This is something very important for a healthy and strong relationship. Your partner should be emotionally available to you and should behave like a support. You really want to do a lot of things together, but you find that your partner is just not available for you.

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