7 Proven Ways To Make Your Mr. Right Miss You

Love is something that makes you crazy and you are always in your dreamland. You are least bothered about others, but only worried about your partner. When you are in love everything seems so pleasant and wonderful to you. You just love the thought of being in love with your Mr. Right. To grab his attention you do everything from getting ready, buying dresses of his favorite color, enjoying his favorite meal with him and much more. But, when you are not with him you always want that he will miss you. You always want that he will just think of you when you are apart. Here are some proven ways to make your Mr. Right miss you like anything and go crazy for you.

Intentionally leave things: This is something really simple and easy thing you can do to make him remind your presence. You can leave a love note for him or your watch, earring or hair clip at his place or in his car to remind him of you. Whenever he will see that thing in his car or in his home, he will surely think about you and the good time you spend together. So, don’t forget to leave your belonging deliberately.

Give him some personal space: If you are always with him or you are constantly chatting with him, he will not understand the importance of being together. Men always need some personal space, understand this basic instinct and give him some personal space. Don’t be too sticky all the time. Give him some personal space, so he can realize that you are not with him and he will miss you.

Make him wait: Are you among those who reply to his messages promptly? If you are doing this, then you are making him understand your importance. However, it is not rude to make him wait for a while before you give him reply to his message. This will make him more eager for your reply and he will think of you as well. Even don’t pick his calls instantly, at times and make him wait for you. Call him back after 10 minutes or 20 minutes and let him miss you and think of you, but don’t do it too frequently as well.

Rush for things: There is no doubt that you love him madly and he loves you equally. But, before you take any important decision about your relationship, give each other some time. Don’t rush for things, wait a little longer and spend some more time together to know each other well. Spending more time together will help him in understanding you as a person and knowing your personality. So, don’t rush for things in this relationship give him some more time to build a better understanding with you.

Wear different perfumes: Whenever you meet him try to wear different perfumes, but it doesn’t mean that you become too experimental with your choices. It means that your subtle and soothing smell will make him remind you always. Perfumes are connected with good and happy memories, so make him miss your presence.

Be adventurous: Generally, men are attracted toward those females who are a bit adventurous and don’t hesitate to try new things. Try to be his partner in his adventure and make him feel that you are happy with his choices and you are spending quality time with him. Make him feel that you love spending time with him and you are very happy. It will give him a sense that you are his perfect partner.

Don’t hesitate to experiment: It is not necessary that you always wear similar kind of dresses or you always tie your hair in the same manner. Be experimental with you looks, hairstyle and make-up. Go for a makeover, wear his favorite dress when you go out for dinner with him or tie your hair differently to make him admire your beauty. So, when you are not with him, he will think about you and your beauty.

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