7 Most Popular New Year Resolutions & Ways To Keep Them

A new year is just around the corner and once again it is time to renew our resolutions and keep them. We all make new year resolutions every year and follow them for some time and then just give up. But, to achieve your goals and live your dreams, it is important that you put efforts to follow your resolutions. Resolutions are nothing, just a wish list, which we want to live up. Here are some most popular resolutions and ways to keep them throughout the year and achieve them.

Get in shape: This is one of the most famous and loved resolution of most of the people. If you are also planning to make the same resolution, then it is a great choice. The most common resolution is getting in shape. To follow your resolution, it is important that you get yourself enrolled in the gym or make a schedule for your physical activities. You can also download fitness apps or food apps, these apps can help you maintaining a healthy routine and following the right diet. You can also buy “Fitbit”, it will easily tell you when you have been sitting too long and you need to walk. These apps will also tell you how much calories you need to consume daily and how much calories you need to burn to stay fit.

Enjoy life to fullest: Are you also planning to enjoy your life to the fullest like a free bird in the coming year? Enjoying life to the fullest is nothing else, but it is just your mindset. The key to enjoying the life to the fullest is not to pack your bag and roam the streets, but it is all about making small changes in your life. Ask yourself, which is the most enjoyable thing for you? Which are the things that give you pleasure? Follow your heart and make a list of to do things, which you want to do to enjoy your life.

Save more money: If you think that your bank balance is low and you are always short of the fund because you don’t have enough funds, then you need to save more money on a serious note. To get started and save more money, you need to make a proper plan and stick to it. First, make a list of your expenditures and mark the things on which you are spending more or you need not spend. Cut short your expenses on monthly basis and start saving money religiously. Instead of buying things on credit card, purchase with the debit card to keep a check on spending.

Spending more time with family: If you are too busy with your personal/professional liabilities and you hardly get time to spend with your family and friends and this year you want to spend more time with them, then it is the right move to build a better relationship. Set aside a time of weekend for your loved ones. Try to connect with them, be it through a call, visiting them personally or making a video call, hosting a dinner or family lunch at your place. Make such plans to spend more and more time with your loved ones.

Getting organized: Getting organized is a step towards organizing your lifestyle. To stick to this important resolution you need to be a bit strategic. To stick to your plan make a list of things, you think are hurdles in your way and try to get rid of all such things in a very strategic manner. Take out some time every day to organize your things smartly.

Travel to new destinations: This is another very common resolution made by people. Generally, people make this resolution to travel places and explore new destinations, but end up giving up their resolution because they have no clue how much money they need to live their dream. Most of the people don’t calculate the expenses for their travel, moreover, they don’t save money for travel. If you really want to live up your dream of traveling, then save a portion of your salary for your travel and follow your resolutions without taking any loan or using your credit card.

Will not eat out too much: Are you planning to avoid eating out next year and going to make this your resolution? Great! This is a very good choice for a healthy lifestyle. Start cooking at home and enjoy homemade food to stay healthy. Try to learn cooking all such dishes, which you love to eat outside if possible. Make them at home and avoid eating outside. If you are surrounded by people who have lunch or dinner outside most of the time, avoid their company or start carrying lunch from home to stick to your healthy resolution.

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