7 Common Mistakes You Make After Your Breakup

Breakups are not something very easy and comforting for people. You tend to act differently after your breakup. It is always really difficult to cope up with the breakup and start your life afresh. It is difficult to accept the word quit when you were in a relationship. The emotional hightide makes you think differently and you act differently as well. It is really difficult to accept it that you are no more in an emotional relationship with your partner. There are many things that you consider normal and natural after the breakup, but other people find it different and weird as well. If you are also making these common mistakes after your breakup then you need to check your behavior and change your habits.

Try to make your partner pity you: You still believe that somewhere deep down in your heart that he/she should not have left you in the first place. Therefore, you make efforts to try to make them feel pity for you. But, while doing this you don’t realize that you are affecting your dignity and self-respect as well.

You still want to be friend with your ex: It is absolutely perfect to remain friend with your ex-partner. There is no harm in it as there are many people who have already proved that there is no harm in to be friend with your ex. But, if you are still not out of your emotional trauma and still thinking that you can make up your relationship with your ex-partner. You are absolutely wrong and still living in your dreamland.

You want your gifts back: Thinking about getting back your gifts is the way to cheap. You should let go these gifts. It is not a good thing to ask for those petty gifts. Those are just material items and hold no place in your life anymore.

Talking about the same things you enjoyed together: There must be many things which you must have enjoyed doing together. You try to recreate those moments and talk those topics which you enjoyed together. Stop doing such things that will make you nostalgic. Don’t do such things, which reminds you all such sweet memories.

Stop posting on social media: No one wants to hear about your personal and emotional sufferings on such social media platform. It is not the right place to share and post about your breakup. It is better you avoid posting about breakups, it’s better to post nothing. It looks really pathetic and sad.

Don’t look for a shoulder to cry: No doubt you are going through a bad phase and you need someone to support you emotionally at this point. But, it is better to avoid searching for a new emotional connection or a shoulder to cry upon.

Don’t be critical about his/her new partner: You should not be over critical about your ex’s partner. This is none of your concern to talk and think about his/her appearance, understanding, compatibility and many other things. So, just move on in life and let your ex also enjoy his/her personal life.

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