7 Beauty Hacks For Happy Monsoon

As much as you love monsoon, but monsoon doesn’t love you in a similar manner. Generally, when you see Bollywood movies, you noticed that these Bollywood divas look so beautiful even after getting drenched in the rain. Actually, rain is not so good for you and your skin. During the monsoon season, you are supposed to take the good of care of your skin and hair as well. Here, we are sharing some beauty hack to beat the monsoon blues and look as gorgeous as always.  

Avoid hair styling products: If you want shiny and beautiful hair during monsoon too, then it is very important that you let them breathe. Don’t apply too much hair styling products as these products will make your hair dull, oily and rough during monsoon season. Therefore, it is better to go with minimum hair products. Always wash your hair with mild shampoo during monsoon and use a good hair conditioner or serum to protect your hair from getting frizzy and rough. Whenever, you go out use hair scarf to cover your hair and avoiding getting them split.

Take care of your feet: During monsoon season, your feet get easily infected because of extra moisture in the weather and rainwater. To avoid any kind of fungal infection during the rainy season, it is always better that you take good care of your feet as well. Try to keep your feet dry as much as possible. Don’t forget to exfoliate your feet with a good foot scrub. You can pick a good foot scrub from the market or you can also make your scrub at home. Always remember to wash your feet well before heading to bed.

Clean and moisturize: In the rainy season, your skin becomes oily and sticky. It becomes more important to clean your face frequently to avoid extra oil on your face. Wash your face with water at least 4-5 times in the day. Use a mild face wash to remove excess oil and dirt from your face. Don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer on your skin to nourish your skin.

Minimum eye makeup: Avoid too much of eye makeup during this season. It is better to keep your eye makeup minimal. Avoid dark eyeshadows or heavy mascara on your eyelids. It is better to go for minimum eye makeup like waterproof eyeliner or smudge proof kajal to give your eye definition.

Ditch heavy foundation: To get the perfect makeup and right glow, you should do aways with heavy foundation and oil-based makeup. It is always better to go with matt based foundations and BB or CC creams to get the right look without overdoing it during this season. You should always use compact and translucent to set your makeup and get the perfect look.

Matt based lip color: To avoid getting your lipstick spoil during the rainy season, it is always better to go for a matt based lip color. You should use a bright color to get the perfect look during this season. You can also use a puff of powder to set your lipstick and avoid any leaking.  

Wear breathable clothes: Always try to wear breathable clothes during monsoon season. Avoid wearing tight, body-hugging clothes. These tight clothes might create itching, rashes and other skin problems due to excess sweating. It is always better to wear cotton clothes, so your skin can breathe and you don’t feel sweating all the time.

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