7 Most Annoying And Irritating Things All Boyfriends Do

Most of the people keep on saying that love is blind and when you are in love you don’t see many things or you just ignore things. This statement holds true in the initial phase of the relationship or you can say during the honeymoon period of the relationship when you start dating each-other and you love to spend more and more time with each-other. In the initial phase of the relationship everything seems just perfect and so true, but as the time passes and you grow in that relationship, you start realizing that there are quite many things which are really irritating and annoying and you both have some flaws. If you think that you are the only one who got irritated with his habits or attitude, then sweetheart you are not the only one, who is facing it. Let’s take a look at the seven most annoying and irritating things all boyfriends do.

Replying with hmmm: This is one thing, which most of the girls hate and got irritate a lot. When you are talking with your boyfriend or you are sharing something important with him and you are expecting a reply from him. But, the only reply you will get from him is big ‘hmmmm’ that irritates you like anything. This is something very common with all guys as they love to give a reply in one word and that is ‘hmmm’ in most of the cases.

Pretending to be listening: This is another big problem with guys. Most of the time when they are with you, they pretend that they are seriously listening to you, but actually, they are preoccupied with their own thoughts. In between, if you ask about what were you sharing or discussing with them, then they are just lost because they were not actually listening but pretending to be listening to you.

Do not pick up your call: Whenever he is with his friends or with boys gang, then he tries to avoid picking your call. In most of the cases, he replies you with simple text such as “ call you later”, “ driving”, “stuck in jam” and some other common excuses to avoid your call. But, actually, you know somewhere that he is enjoying his boys’ gang party and trying to hide this thing from you.

Trying to diffuse your anger: This is another very common and irritating thing which most the guys generally do. They try to diffuse your anger with all kiddish and cheesy lovey-dovey statements. Such kinds of behaviour make you angrier and frustrated instead of cooling you down.

Insecure behaviour: When you talk about some other guy or you praise some other guy in front of them, they start behaving so insure and possessive about you. They just can’t digest that you praise someone else or you say something good about any other man in front of them.

Reply with a single text message: If you are chatting with him online or you are texting him something, in the response of your tailing message or four-five long messages he just ends up replying you a single word or one liner message. Such kinds of reply irritate most of the girls.

Behaving like a kid: If you are not agreeing over something or you just said no to something and they want you to do that thing or they are expecting a yes as an answer, then they start behaving like a kid or keep on forcing you with different tricks and indirect ways. They don’t mind to repeat the single sentence thousand times to listen a yes from you.

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