6 Ways Your Parents Are Contributing A Lot To Ruin Your Relationship With Your Partner

Living Happily ever after is not as easy as shown in Bollywood movies. Everything seems so hunky-dory when you see it in any Bollywood movies, but in real life, it is way too different. It is really different from the reel life and you need to maintain a healthy balance between many things in your real life. You have to establish a healthy balance in your personal life and with your parents after your marriage. It is not just about your parents, but parents of your partner are equally important for you. You always want to maintain a healthy balance between them and you want to establish a good relationship with them. At times, parents are so possessive and concerned about their kids that they don’t mind to interfere in their personal life after marriage and ruin their married life. Here, we are sharing six ways how your parents are contributing to ruining your relationship.

They spend too much time with you: Your parents are too attached with you that is really a nice thing, but if they are always glued with you, then it is not good for your married life. They are spending maximum time with you. You really have little time to be alone with your partner. Most of the time your parents keep you busy with them and with their talks and things. So, if your parents also doing the same, then you should try to maintain a balance. You have to clearly define boundaries so that you will not face any problem with your partner regarding this.

Not giving you enough freedom: This is true that you and your parents have spent a long time together and you must be following and respecting their words for years. But, that doesn’t mean that now you and partner will also follow the same. You and your partner should have the freedom to express their viewpoint and speak up your mind. In a healthy relationship, this is very important to speak up your mind, but if your parents are ruling you and never let you express your opinion or give suggestions, then you are required to take a stand about this.

They try to do everything for you: Your parents still treat you as a small kid and they always want to shower you with everything. They plan and arrange everything for you, be it your first car, your honeymoon, clothes or something else. They try to do everything for you, even they do the little things for you like preparing lunch and dinner for you, keeping your things at proper place and organizing your cupboard. So, they leave no room for you and your partner to do according to your wishes. Moreover, it will give you the feeling of dependency in your life. Try to tell them that you will not accept any more help and gifts from them as you are enough mature and responsible to take care of things at your own.

Bad mouth about your partner: They have a really bad mouth for your partner. They never say anything good about your partner or they never appreciate their efforts for you. Rather, they are all the time busy in telling you their flaws and faults. To stop this practice, it very important that you make it clear that you are very happy with your partner and all their words don’t make any difference in your love for your partner.

They are critic of your lifestyle: It might be you are happy the way you are living with your partner, but they are not happy at all with your lifestyle. They are all the time busy in telling what mistakes you are doing or where you are wrong. They don’t like you ordering food, go out for dinner or partying with your spouse or anything else. So, they always criticise the way you live with your partner. It is very important you stand for your choices and your lifestyle. No matter, how unorganized you both are or how unorganized your home is all time, but still you love it. So, take a stand for it and tell them that you are happy the way you are with your partner.

They don’t want to share you: They really don’t want to share you with anyone. They want your presence at every important and unimportant occasion whether it is their birthday, anniversary or any festival. They want you to be there at all small and big occasion. They try really hard to ensure your presence at every occasion, not matter whether you have some other plans with your partner. So, just make your own plan and tell them to your parents that you have some other plans for the day.  

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