6 Things Men Find More Disgusting In Women

There are some common things which women find very natural for them, but these are kind of sin for men. There are some very gender specific things which the other person find common, but for your partner, it is kind of a total no-no. This is the reason when men and women land into a confusing state of relationship with untold expectations. However, being a woman you do not need to change yourself to be accepted by your man, but just required to be more flexible and look attractive to your man. Here, we are sharing a few things which are very normal and common for a woman, but they might be disgusting for your men. 

Not waxing your body parts: Hairs are on different parts of your body are very common such as on your arms, or armpits or legs. But, for a lot of men, this just does not look good when it comes to a woman. If you always want your man to be clean shaved, well-groomed face, then you have to do the same for him. So don’t mind to wax your legs or arms frequently to look more attractive and appealing.

Too much makeup: If you think that your man will like you with the heavy layer of makeup then you are absolutely wrong. Most of the men like it to be all natural instead of going artificial. Wearing light makeup is generally liked by men in which you look beautiful and natural, but if you are habitual of applying too much makeup, then it might be that he doesn’t like it. It will also give him a feeling that you are trying to be something different and trying to deceive him with your makeup. 

Try too hard to act cute: Generally, girls think that if they do a baby talk or dumb act in front of their man, this will look cute and they will pamper and love them more, but you are totally wrong. This looks more immature rather than looking cute. Nobody likes a girl who pretends to look cute to grab his attention. Most of the men like their women to be strong and independent, instead of playing dependent and needy person. 

Using too much perfume: Looking beautiful and smelling great is always loved. But, if you are among those who love to drenched in perfume then it might be your man will not like it. Generally , men like their lady love to use perfume which is soothing and mild instead of getting drenched in the bottle of perfume. 

Not taking care of your hands: Stop paying attention to your face and body only, your hands are equally important. Generally, men like to hold the hand of their lady love to show their love and warmth. But if you are among those who just pay attention to your clothes and face and ignore your hands then you are wrong. Unclean and rough hands might be a big turn off for him. Start paying attention to your hands as well. If you like long nails then don’t forget to shape them up and keep them clean. Else just clip your nails and keep your hands soft and beautiful.  

Not dressing up correctly: It is very important that you understand the occasion before picking up your dress. As you expect that your man should dressed up well, similarly he also expects that you should also dress well and according to the occasion. Wearing a skirt while going to a pub is right, but wearing a skirt while meeting his parents or family might offend them. So pick your dress keeping the place and occasion in mind to look great. 

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