6 Things Your Man Pays Attention, But You Don’t

In a stable and healthy relationship, you get so comfortable with your partner that you take many things so casually. You don’t pay attention to a lot of things in front of your partner and you became so comfortable with them that you always behave the way you are and never try to hide or show off anything. This is the kind of comfort, trust, and security you develop with your partner that you really don’t bother about your behavior and things related to your personality. If he is still madly in love with you, then he will still pay attention to these six things even when you are least bothered about your habits or traits. Here are a few things, which will make you believe that your man pays attention to a lot of things about you that you don’t bother about.

Your appetite: Generally, you eat what you like or what you feel like eating. You have a set diet. When you are with him, you still don’t bother how much you eat and what you eat. But, he always notices how much you eat and when you eat wholeheartedly, he feels happy about it. Moreover, he wouldn’t feel guilty about eating more than you.

Your makeup: It might be a natural routine for you. Still, he notices your makeup every time he is with you. He just wants to know how was your day and how you are feeling. For him, your makeup is a kind of getaway to know your mood and feelings.

Color you wear: Your color choice for your apparel might be something very individual and natural to you. Generally, you even don’t pay much attention to what you are going to pick in the morning while getting ready. But, as he knows your choices well, so he pays attention to the color you wear to know your mood.

Your facial expressions: Generally, you don’t bother about how your face reacts to something or about your facial expressions over different things and situations, but your man definitely observes this minutely. He can easily tell when you are feeling happy or when you are annoyed with something. So, it is the matter of his observation and your comfort level with him.

Your favorite music: He genuinely wants to be the part of your life that’s why he is so much interested in different activities and interest. He just wants to enjoy with you and feel good about your interests. You play your favorite song and enjoy every bit of it, at that time, you are just you, and he loves such moments and wants to be part of those lovely moments because he loves every part of your personality. He never wants to miss even a single opportunity to connect with you and get involved with you.

Concerned about you: He is always concerned about you and never wants to see you worried or in anxiety. He wants to make and see you happy and smiling always without any worries and tension. He wants to protect you in all aspects to make you feel happy and comfortable. He always takes a note of things that bother you or make you sad.

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