6 Signs To Notice That You Are In A Wrong Relationship

You always can’t live in an imaginary world and believe that one fine day you and your love will be together. This is not the case always. You have to be mature enough to understand the reality of life and face it with boldness. This is true, at times we fall in love with wrong people and it is always good to accept and understand it soon. The more time you will take to accept this truth that you are in a wrong relationship, the more painful it will become for you to get out of it. It doesn’t matter how much you want that this relationship will work or how much you love that person, but if the person is wrong, then there is no point of thinking all that. Moreover, it is better to get out of that relationship as soon as possible. Here are 6 signs to notice that you are in a wrong relationship.

Your friends and family will not accept him/her: You always need the approval of your family and friends for your relationship. You want that they will accept and agree with your decision. It is important for all of us to get the nod for our relationship from our loved ones. We live in a society and follow some basic norms, therefore, it becomes necessary to get social acceptance for our relationship. You strongly believe that your parents and your friends will never accept your relationship with him/her.

You always judge your words: When you are together, before saying and sharing anything with him/her you pay attention to your words. You filter your statements and words before saying anything to him/her. You are always worried about his/her reaction to your statements. Moreover, you share only limited things with your partner to avoid unnecessary arguments and clashes.

You feel uncomfortable: When you are with him/her you always feel uncomfortable. You dressed up differently; you talk differently and even don’t share your mind openly. Besides, you always feel a bit uncomfortable and afraid of fights and arguments. You always hide your true self in front of him/her to avoid any dispute.

Spending time is compulsions: You feel spending time with him/her is a kind of compulsion. You never feel excited when it comes to meeting him/her, rather you feel tensed and a kind of compulsion. When you are in a relationship you always feel excited to meet your partner. Spending quality time together is something, which you always wish for. But, if you are in the wrong relationship, you find it a kind of task and compulsion for you.

You don’t want to make more efforts: When you are in a happy relationship if you have a fight with your partner or you face some issues, you always want to sort out the things between you two and make efforts to clear the issues as soon as possible. But, if you are done with this relationship, then you lost your motivation and you don’t want to make any efforts sort out the things.

You don’t see your future together: When you make plans for your future, you don’t see your partner on your side or part of your future plans. Planning your future with your partner is something very common when you are in a happy relationship, but if you are not able to do so, then, of course, there is no future of this relationship.

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