6 Signs To Notice Before You Order Your Food At Restaurant

Eating out is a common thing for most of the people. You tend to go out and enjoy your lunch and dinner in a restaurant. But, you can only enjoy your food if you pick the right spot to have your lunch or dinner, else it would be a bad experience. There are many restaurants, which are rated as the best place to enjoy the food and there are many factors behind their success and good reviews. Besides, there are places, which are marked as a bad choice if you are planning to eat outside. If you are planning to explore a new eating joint and not very sure about it or never heard and read much about the place, then there are some few things and signs you should notice before ordering your food in that restaurant.

Floor and restroom are not clean: This is one of the most common things to notice when you enter in a restaurant. Always pay attention to the floor and visit washroom before you order your food. If the restaurant is not paying attention to the basic cleaning and not taking care of their facilities, there are high chances that the kitchen of the restaurant is not in good shape. If they are not bothered to maintain the basic level of cleanliness in the restaurant and in the toilet, then how one could expect a higher level cleanliness in the kitchen as well. Next time, when you visit some restaurant and see things like overflowing trash can, dirty floor, lacks handwash/soap, and untidy sink, then do yourself a favor by going out of the restaurant.

Food items are not marked well: According to the food standard and quality control, all the eating joints and restaurants are supposed to mark and mention their food items well on the menu. If the restaurant is not able to mark and mentions the food items well, then you should not order your food. If they have mentioned the basic ingredients of the food on the list and not able to categories it well, then you can’t expect a good food quality.

Not playing the right music: This is another important thing to notice when you enter a new restaurant. Are they playing the right kind of music? According to food and hospitality industry music plays a significant role in affecting your eating habit. For instance, louder music will make you eat faster, whereas slow soothing music will boost comforting and relaxed eating habit. If it is not a fast food chain, but a proper restaurant and they are playing loud music, then they are not aware of the basic things about running a restaurant.

Is it next to any monument/tourist place?: Exploring a new eating joint is always exciting as you try something new over there. But, be cautious while doing so. If the place is next to any monument or tourist place, it must not be serving quality food. According to various food critics, the restaurants, which are close to any monument and flooded with people compromise with the quality of their food, besides charging more money as compared to other restaurants.

Poor service: While you are making yourself comfortable in the restaurant, always pay attention to the service and turn around time of the service team. Are they taking more time to reach you and greet you? If they are taking more than 5 minutes to reach you and greet you, then there are chances that you will serve badly. Timely service is another important factor while eating out. If the management is not paying attention to the guests and time they are taking to serve the water or food, then you can’t expect much from on food quality as well. 

Dirty glasses & dishes: If you spot a stain on the glass, then it is important to check the dishes and spoons before you start enjoying your food. There is a high probability that the dishes might not be thoroughly clean. Besides, it also indicates that there are chances that the kitchen is unhygienic too.

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