6 Signs To Notice That You Are Just A Backup Plan Not Priority

Do you think that he just ignores you? Do you think that you are not his priority, but just an option? You always want to be in a relationship where you are the top priority of your partner, not just an option or backup plan. You always want to be loved, cared, pampered and respected in a relationship, but you never want to see yourself as just an option in someone’s life. It is really difficult to accept and survive in such kinds of relationship where you are giving your 100%, but your partner is least bothered about you. If you also feel that there is something missing in your relationship and you are not sure about it, we are here sharing some important signs to notice that you are just a back plan for your partner, not his priority.

Never makes any plan: In this relationship, it is you who always make plans or who make efforts for a date and your partner is least bothered about making such efforts. He is least bothered about whether you are meeting or not, or when was the last time he made any plan with you. He is not at all excited to meet to you at any point in time. It is you who always make plans and forces him to meet you.

He hardly opens up: He never shares anything with you related to his family or personal life. His personal life is like a mystery to you. Whenever you start a conversation about his professional or personal life, he just avoids such discussion and diverts the topic to something else. You hardly have any information about his family, friends, and siblings.

How he feels about you: He never opens up his mind with you and let you know how he feels about you. He doesn’t want you to know he is not interested in you or does he really has any feelings about you or not. He always makes efforts to keep you on the leash and you always feel that you have a chance to be with him in life. He is always keeping you busy in guessing that you are part of his life or not as he never makes you so sure and comfortable about your relationship with him.  

More occupied in his phone: Another great sign that he is not just interested in establishing a strong relationship with you that he is always busy with his phone whenever you meet him. He is busier in reading his chat or sending messages to his friends instead of spending some quality time with you. Even he doesn’t want to miss any single notification and updates on his phone as they are his priority, not you.

You are not part of his social life: He doesn’t make any efforts to make you feel like part of his life. You hardly know his best friends, cousins, family member or anyone else in his life or social life. He doesn’t take you to any party or social events. You are not at all part of his social life and he never wants you to feel that special.

He never makes any special efforts: Generally, guys make all efforts to make you feel that love and feel special when you are with him. They always make efforts into making a girl come to their life whom they love. And if you notice that he is not just making any efforts at all, then it is just because he is just not interested in you and you are just as a backup plan for him.


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