6 Signs To Identify Your Relationship Status: Real Or Fake?

When you are in a happy relationship you feel on the top of the world. Everything seems so nice and good. But, at times we are so busy and pre-occupied with our own thought about the status of our relationship that we even don’t try to understand the strength our relationship. What makes a relationship real or fake? A fake relationship is a kind of illusion in which you live, enjoy and believe it to be real. Many of us are enjoying the fake relationship without even noticing that artificialness of it. A real relationship takes a lot of effort, time, and emotions, but they are always better than the fake relationship. Always understand the difference between the love coated words and the actual meaning of real words. Nowadays, most people want to be in a relationship for the sake of it, or just for fun and time pass, they have nothing serious about it. Here are a few signs you should notice to know the status of your relationship to save yourself from being trapped in a fake relationship.

Minimum communication: A healthy and good communication is the key and basic requirement for any relationship. If you are in a relationship where he/she barely talks to you or you don’t communicate things, then there is something wrong with your relationship. If you just message each other once in while or you call once or twice in a week, then you are not really in a relationship. Besides, you have formed a good bonding, but can’t name it as relationship or love. If you are in a real relationship you really don’t want to miss even a single opportunity to text, message, call or meet your partner. You always want to communicate even the smallest happening/development of your day.

No PDA at all: There are many couples who love to do PDA(Public Demonstration of Affection). This is something very common among couples. Holding the hand of your partner, walking hand-in-hand, kissing on shoulder or cheeks to show their love in front of people is a very common thing. Those who are madly in love with their partner don’t mind showing their love in public as well. If you or your partner always take off your hands from each other and maintain a public distance in front of people, then you are actually not in a true relationship.

You never feel special: There is nothing special and important for you in this relationship. You always feel that there is nothing exceptional for you in this relationship. You feel that it is something very normal and routine kind of thing. You never feel that excitement and eagerness to do things, to meet him/her or something which excites you as a couple. You don’t have those special and sweet memories, which you can recall and feel good about.

No serious discussion: This is something similar to no discussion. As a couple, you enjoy and experience a lot of things together. You discuss and share different things and feeling with each other. But, as a couple, if you don’t discuss anything serious, then you are seriously in a fake relationship. A happy couple does share a lot of things with each other and doesn’t hesitate to discuss anything. It builds a kind of understanding and respect for each other, which is very important in a healthy relationship. A serious discussion doesn’t mean that you fight or argue with each other, but it means you have a healthy and meaningful discussion with your partner.

You don’t know each other’s family: If you are really in a strong relationship, they always know each other well and even about the family members. You share different things about your family members. If he/she is serious about you and this relationship, he/she will always introduce you to his family and friends. This is something very common. If you are in this relationship for a long time, still you never met his/her family members, besides, you hardly discuss them, then you are not in a really strong relationship.

No future planning: When you are in a strong and blissful relationship, you make different plans with your partner about your future. You always make plans keeping your partner and his/her priorities in mind. You don’t make individual plans about your future. You focus more on things, which you will do as a couple in the future, not as an individual. If you are more focused on your individual plan and you never discuss anything about your future, then you are just enjoying your time with him/her, but not serious about this relationship.

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