6 Red Flags To Notice That Your First Date Failed Badly

First date is always nerve-racking. There are so much of potential in the first date and people have a lot of expectations from their first date. But, at the same time, they are very nervous because you don’t know the other person at all and you are meeting for the very first time. You are full of excitement and the mix of nervousness. You always want to have a successful first date as you start planning for your future as well. You never want your first date to be a disaster or to fail badly. At times, you unknowingly kill your first date or the other person does the same and turns your first date into a disaster. Here, we are sharing some crucial signs to notice on your first date and recognize that it is not going in the right direction and it could be your first and last date as well.

Avoiding eye contact: When you are on the first date establishing a healthy eye contact is very important. If the other person is avoiding establishing eye contact or looking all around, then it is a kind of first red flag for you to notice. If the other person is constantly making eye contact or staring at you or giving you sweet glances, then it is a green signal and you should be happy that your date is going in right direction.

Not breaking the distance: If you are interested in someone, then you unconsciously break the unwanted distance. You just try to cut the distance and try to be closer to the other person. If you are interested in the other person, you just lean towards him/her or you adjust your chair a little closer or you just try to be closer to the other person. If there is no such hint of breaking the distance, then again it is not a positive sign. You should not think that the other person is maintaining the public distance, but it means he/she is not interested in you.

Constantly busy in phone: He/she is constantly busy in calling and attending calls, scrolling phone, messaging her/his friends and checking updates. It is a kind of indication that he/she is not interested in you and finding her messages more interested compared to talking to you. So, this is a way of avoiding talks and discussing things with you on your first date. In case, if he/she is doing the same on your first date, then you can consider this as your last date with him/her.

Dull communication: If he/she is not paying attention to what you are saying or not showing any interest in the conversation, then it is a kind of red flag. He/she is not even smiling on your jokes or not even showing any interest in handling the situation.

Mentioning Ex: Probably, every smart and sensible man and woman know that discussing your ex on your first date is not really the wise idea. Most of the time on your date if he/she is discussing the ex, then he/she is not yet out of his/her past relationship. He/she is not that much interested in you or in this new relationship.

Busy in making other plans: She/he is making other plans with friends. She/ he is constantly busy in making plans for the weekend or for some holiday. She/he is not in a mood change his/her plans for you and giving you excuse that he/she is very busy in coming weekends and doesn’t have time to meet you in the near future. So, get ready to listen to say no from him/her for the next date.

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