6 Mouthwatering Dishes You Can’t Miss On Holi

This is the time of the year when everyone loves to listen to all Bollywood Holi songs. You just can’t stop yourself shaking your legs on these peppy songs. Holi is all about fun and enjoyment and no celebration is complete without the mouthwatering dishes. While getting drenched in color water you don’t want to miss enjoying different delicacies prepared for the day. We all have grown up eating different special Holi foods at our homes and we never want to miss those items on this special day. There are some special dishes which add more fun to this special color festival. We are here sharing six mouthwatering dishes you can’t miss this Holi. Gear up for adding these dishes to your Holi bash and make this festival of colors more memorable for all.

Gujiya: Besides all colorful and mouthwatering Indian dishes, gujiya is one such dish without which Holi celebration is incomplete. It is very much famous in northern India. Though it is loved by all. If you are preparing the list of dishes then this surely grabs the first place on the list.

Ras-malai: This mouthwatering sweet is a must have in the Holi dishes list. This sweet dish is loved by all, no matter whether you have a sweet tooth or not, still, you can’t say no to this sweet soft creamy balls from West Bengal.

Bhang Laddoo: This festival is all about fun and adding colors to life. This is the time when you celebrate with your friends and family and rejoice. Nowadays, Bhang laddoos have become so popular among people that you can’t miss this on Holi. you can’t miss out this traditional dish in your Holi menu.

Papri-chaat: This spicy, crunchy, and delicious Indian fast food is very famous among food lovers. Papri-chaat is loaded with curd, tamarind and green chutney which makes it spicy and filling. You can add this special chaat in your Holi menu to woo your guests.

Dahi-vada: Don’t forget to add this special dish to your Holi menu. This is one special Holi dish which you can’t forget to add. Dahi-vada is one such food which every one lust for on this special day. This Indian snack is all time hit among all Holi lovers whether you play with colors or not, but you can’t miss this special chaat on Holi.

Thandai: This is very popular in Northern India and especially in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. This special Holi drink is prepared with saffron, almonds, sugar, milk and different spices. You can also add bhaang in it as some people also serve it by adding bhaang. This is a desi cooler which is very much popular among people.

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