6 Iron Rich Fruits You Should Eat For Stronger You And Good Health

Iron is very important for stronger you and good health. If you have seen the old cartoon “Popeye the Sailor” then you could easily connect with the idea that iron-rich food can make you energetic and as strong as iron. Foods that are rich with iron produce hemoglobin in your body that is very essential for a healthy body. If you have iron deficiency and low hemoglobin level, then it becomes very essential for you to know more about such food, which is rich in iron and help in improving the hemoglobin level. Iron-rich fruits and vegetables are great sources to fulfill your daily requirements of iron. If you are looking for overnight results, then there are chances that you will be disappointed, but if you continue eating these fruit you will be able to see the results in four to six weeks. We are here sharing six iron-rich fruits that are very essential for stronger you and good health.

Dried apricot: Apricot is the rich source of iron. A 100 gram of apricot fulfills half of your daily iron requirements and they are an excellent source of dietary fiber too. This healthy fruit contains soluble fiber that is responsible for lowering the cholesterol. So, if you want to improve your iron level then don’t forget to add this fruit to your daily diet.

Berries: Berries are also the good source of iron. If you love these juicy fruits, we are giving you another reason to enjoy your favorite berries. A 100 gram of berries (strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, etc.) contains 0.3 mg iron, though it is a little low, it helps as iron absorbance boosters as well. They are a good source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid that enhances the absorbance of non-heme iron.  

Prunes: Prunes are actually dried form of plum. These dried plums are rich in iron and can boost your iron level. They are loaded with vitamin and minerals. These dried prunes are also the good source of dietary fiber, vitamin K, B, calcium and potassium. So, don’t forget to include the prunes in your daily diet.

Raisins: It is another great fruit that is loaded with iron. Raisins are nothing, but the dried form of grapes which is easily available in the market. A 100 gram of raisins contains about 1.9 mg of iron. Apart from being a rich source of iron, raisins also provide you carbohydrates, vitamin B, and potassium. So, if you are looking for something yummy and tasty, you can easily add this fruit to your diet. You can add these raisins to your cereals and breakfast as well.  

Pomegranate: It is one of the most popular and favorite fruit of those who are anemic. This healthy and beneficial fruit is the rich source of iron and vitamin C that is very essential for improving the hemoglobin level of your body. It not just improve the hemoglobin level of the body, but also maintains a good blood flow in your body. It is also very effective in treating weakness, dizziness, and other symptoms of anemia.

Watermelon: If you love this watery summer fruit and you are crazy about this, then we are giving you another reason to add this juicy fruit in your daily diet. This super summer fruit is the good source of iron and helps in improving your hemoglobin level. Besides, it is also a good source of vitamin C, which is again very essential in improving the efficiency of non-heme iron in the body.

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