6 Important Traits To Notice That He Is Really Manipulative

A happy and healthy relationship always gives you freedom and space. When you are in a strong relationship, you always respect and trust him. You never try to manipulate your partner or use your partner for your hidden benefits. If your partner truly loves you, then he will never deliberately do anything to harm you. Your partner is not supposed to use you as a tool or an object for his benefits. You should never tolerate such kinds of behaviour in your relationship. In most of the cases, people never realise and able to figure out that they are being victimized or used by their partner. You can figure out this only if you have the high sense of self-awareness or your close friends and other people have enough guts to tell you about your manipulation. You should never stay in such kinds of relationship where you are being manipulated by your partner, no matter, how much you love him or how kind hearted you are. Let’s take a look at six important traits to notice in your partner whether he is manipulating you or not.

He pretends super charming: He always wants to gain your trust and makes every effort to prove his charm. He will try different tricks and ways to make you feel that he is really good and lovable. He will flatter you like anything so that you will not think anything negative about him or his behaviour.

He is a polished liar: He lies to you too frequently and most of the time you will not be able to figure out whether he is speaking the truth or he is lying. Most of the time, he does this intentionally to confuse you with the truth and reality. So, you will not ask too many questions about things to him.

He ensures that you will not raise any issue: In your relationship, he always ensures that you will not raise any issue regarding the future of your relationship, about your insecurities or something similar. He is more concerned about imposing his wishes and opinions instead of listing to your issues and views.

He twists words: He is so smart and manipulative that he uses your words and statements against you and tries to prove you wrong all the time. Moreover, he uses your statements in front of others to put you down intentionally.

He convinces you that you are overreacting: He will always make you think and feel guilty about things going wrong between you two. He always makes you feel that you are overreacting to things and then spoil everything every time. If you will not overreact then everything is perfectly normal between you in this relationship.

He wants to be the centre of attraction: In your relationship, he always wants to be the centre of attraction. He always wants you to pamper him, care for him and love him all the time. He strongly understands this, if he will keep you busy in pampering him and focusing on him, then you will not notice negative things about him and your relationship.

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