6 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cold And Cough Easily

A viral cough and cold is a very common problem with the change of weather. Many people easily got this common cold and cough problem with the season change, to get rid of this common flu you take different antibiotic medicines. These medicines help in curing the cold and cough, but they have various side-effects. Therefore, it is always better to avoid these antibiotics and cure your common cold and cough with some natural home remedies which are a way to effective and will not cause any side-effect. Here are six home remedies to fight cold and cough easily.

Steam: If someone in your home suffers from cold and has trouble in breathing, then it is always advisable that give them hot water steam or you can also give them steam with eucalyptus oil it will be more effective. You can give them steam with hot water in a wide bowl and make the person inhale the steam for at least 10-15 minutes. If you don’t want to use a water in the bowl, then you can also use a steamer, which is easily available in medical shops. They are very helpful in inhaling the steam as you can set the water level and timer and you can inhale steam without any interruption.  It will help in getting rid of cold and cough easily.

Honey: It is another useful home remedy for cold and cough. You can have a spoon of honey with a glass of hot milk twice in a day. It will help in soothing your throat and lowering throat irritation. So, you can take honey twice in a day to get rid of common cold and cough.

Drink something hot: To cure your cold and cough you can drink hot drinks. You can drink herbal tea, green tea, soups, tea and lukewarm water to control your cold and cough. It will help in treating your cold and you will feel better.

Salt gargling: Gargle at least thrice in a day to get rid of common cold and cough. You can gargle with hot water and don’t forget to mix one tablespoon salt in it. It will give you relief from a sore throat and cold.

Turmeric milk: Turmeric is known for its antiseptic properties. It is very effective in treating viral infections such as a cough and cold. To treat your common cold and cough you can add a spoon of turmeric powder in your warm milk and drink it before going to bed. For fast relief, you can drink turmeric milk twice in a day. It gives instant relief in running nose and sore throat.  

Ginger and honey: Cut ginger into small pieces and add these pieces into honey. Now chew these small pieces whenever you feel a sore throat, cough or cold. It will provide you instant relief in a sore throat and cold.

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