6 Holi Dishes You Can’t Miss Being A Holi Lover

Holi is one such festival, which is full of colors and food. This is the time when you would love to dance and get drenched in the colors of Holi. You enjoy songs like “Holi Khele Raghubeera” and “Rang Barse Bheege” with your friends and family. This is the festival of colors and mouth-watering delicacies. This festival resembles more of Indian culture than religion. It is all about festival spirit, traditional recipes, and traditional food. If you also start dreaming and counting about the Holi lip-smacking delicacies, we are here sharing a list of Holi dishes for all food lovers.

Gujiya: No matter, you are young or old, you are playing Holi with friends or with family, you can’t imagine a Holi bash without mouth-watering gujiya. This delicacy originally belongs to Rajasthan, it is very sweet, made of maida and filled with delightful khoya and dry fruits. Most of the people love it deep fried, but there are some people who are health conscious are preferring baked gujiya instead of deep fried. So, don’t miss this hot favorite mouth water delicacy this Holi.

Bhang Thandai: You can’t complete this list without mentioning about Bhang Thandai. This refreshing and simple looking drink is loaded with the goodness of milk, dry fruits, and some special spices. Bhang Thandai is a must-have drink to beat the heat during Holi.

Kanji Vada: This is really very refreshing and soothing drink. Kanji is the fermented drink made with black carrots and some special spices, very good for your gut. First, this drink Kanji is made and then vadas are made with urad daal, dipped in this spicy Kanji. It is very different yet refreshing drink and very popular in some regions of India as Holi special drink.

Dahi Vada: If your mouth is filled with water after reading Dahi Vada, then you are a great fan of this Holi dish. This lip-smacking snack is made of grounded urad daal, which is deep fried in the shape of small round balls. This Holi serve this tempting Dahi Vada loaded with yogurt and dressed with green mint and tamarind chuteny, chili powder and back salt.

Papri chaat: This special chaat is very famous and loved by all. This crispy snack is prepared with papri, boiled chickpeas and boiled potatoes, tamarind chutney and yogurt. Don’t forget to add this special chaat in your Holi menu to impress your guests.

Kachori: This north Indian special snack is very popular as Holi snack. This small kachori is filled with some savoury spicy mixture and spices. This is perfect Holi snack for all your family members and guests. You can serve this special Kachori with aloo ki sabji or with tamarind chutney the way you like.

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