6 Foods You Should Not Eat While Empty Stomach

Are you doing the same mistake of eating whatever is available in your fridge in the morning before going to the office? This is a very common mistake done by most of the people during the day. Whatever you eat has a clear and straight effect on your health and well-being. You must have heard a lot of times by your parents and grandparents that you should not eat this or you should eat this. But, there are some basic rules of eating right as well. There are certain foods that may create havoc in your stomach if you eat them empty stomach. Therefore, you should avoid consuming such foods while empty stomach to stay healthy. Here are six foods you should not eat while empty stomach.

Bananas: Banana is known as one of the best foods. It is very healthy and rich in potassium and a has high-level of magnesium. It is very rich food and some of the people always add this to their breakfast as it keeps them full for the longest time. According to some health experts, it is a superfood. But, if you eat a banana on complete empty stomach it can create an imbalance in your body because of high-level of potassium and magnesium in it. It is the best example of eating the right food at the wrong time.

Spicy food and chilies: Eating spicy food and chilies on an empty stomach may cause some problem and irritation in your stomach. It may also lead to an acidic reaction in your body and lead to stomach cramps. Spicy food and chilies can trigger indigestion as well. Therefore, it is always better to enjoy spicy food when you are not full empty stomach.

Juices and sugar drinks: Most of us like to have a glass of packaged juice in the morning. We consider drinking fruit juices in the morning is the healthy way to start your day. But, actually, it is not that good for your stomach. These fruit juices are loaded with a lot of sugar and it creates extra load on your stomach and liver as well. Therefore, it is always better to avoid these packaged juice and drinks which are rich in sugar in the morning or while you are the totally empty stomach.  

Citrus fruits and grapes: Many people love eating oranges, sweet lime juice or grapes in the morning. They find these fruits more refreshing and healthy, but actually, they could create the problem. Citrus fruits can irritate your lower esophagus especially if you eat them on an empty stomach. They can also create acidity if you eat them empty stomach.

Raw Vegetables: If you are on a diet and you want to start your day with fresh salad or vegetables then it is not really a great idea. Raw vegetables and salads are not the best options to start your day in the morning. They are loaded with fiber and that may put extra load on your stomach. They can also cause flatulence and abdominal pain if eaten empty stomach. Therefore, it is really important that you should avoid eating salads and raw vegetables in the morning or when you are the empty stomach.

Tomatoes: This juicy-pulpy vegetable is loaded with nutrients and rich in vitamin C. It also contains a high level of tannic acid, which increases acidity in the stomach. It can also lead to gastric ulcers and acidity problem if you consume tomatoes empty stomach. So, keep your tomato salad reserve for dinner, but avoid it in the breakfast.


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