6 Foods That Give You Body Odour And Make You Stink

Whatever you eat that reflects on your body and on your skin too. You must have heard people saying what you are is what you eat. Therefore, if you eat fresh and healthy food that will reflect on your body and face as well. But, if you eat unhealthy and bad food that will also reflect on your body. According to different skin experts, there are many food that smells really bad and when you consume such food items they release awful smells as well. The worst part is due to a certain chemical reaction within the body, they also make your body smell awful. Let’s take a look at six food that gives you bad body odour and makes you stink.

Red meat: There are many food experts who suggest you eat red meat because of its higher level of nutrients and vitamins. Actually, it is not easy to digest red meat. Red meat releases a certain type of residue in the gut which further reacts with bacteria. After reacting with bacteria, it releases a certain type of order making your sweat really awful.

Garlic: Garlic is rich in different nutrients and full of multiple health benefits. Many doctors and health experts suggest you consume garlic every day to get rid of various health problems. When you crush garlic or chop it, it releases allicin, a sulphuric compound that further reacts with bacteria in the body and causes bad breath and body sweating.

Fish: According to different food and skin experts, those people who eat fish on regular basis release a different kind of fish-derived body odour, which is different from normal sweating odour. The main reason behind this is your body is not able to absorb a food compound trimethylamine.

Vegetables from Brassica family: All the vegetables from this family such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli contain high-level of sulfur. This chemical release an awful smell that adds a lot to bad body odour. To minimize the bad odour, you can add some spices like clove, bay leaf, cinnamon and cardamom while making these vegetables.

Coffee: Are you among those who love to drink coffee? Coffee is good for health if it is consumed in a controlled manner. But, if you really want to minimize your coffee intake, then we are giving you another reason to quit this habit. It encourages the growth of bacteria in the mouth and creates bad breath and body odour.

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