6 Best And Simple Hacks To Remove Your Nail Polish Without Remover

A good manicure might last for two or three weeks, but not more than that. After some time, your nails start chipping and your skin starts looking dull. Whether you are going out with your friends or you are going to an important meeting, chipped nails never look good and impressive. You always want to have beautiful and flawless hands like celebrities, but at times find it difficult to maintain them. You must have noticed that many females have chipped nails and they really look odd. To avoid such situation, you can’t spend all the time in polishing your nails or removing the nail paint. Moreover, you can’t keep nail polish remover handy all the time. In such a difficult situation, when you want to remove your scratched or chipped nail paint and you don’t have your remover handy in such a situation, we are giving you some simple hacks to remove your nail polish without remover.

Toothpaste: To remove your nail polish with toothpaste, all you need to do is apply some toothpaste on your nail and rub this with some old toothbrush. The paste will easily remove the nail polish because the paste contains ethyl acetate, which is also a component available in nail polish remover.

Deodorant: This is another simple and easy hack to remove your nail paint. Just spray your old nail paint on your nails and rub it with a cotton pad the way you do with your remover. However, it might take a little more time and efforts as compared to your regular remover, but in the absence of your nail paint remover, you can easily use your deodorant for removing your nail paint.

Perfume: Generally, most of us carry a bottle of our favorite perfume in our bag. So, if you are also carrying your favorite perfume in your bag, so you need not worry about the chipped nails. Just spray your favorite perfume on a cotton pad and rub it on your nails. It will remove your nail paint without any mess.

Hand sanitizer: There are many people who don’t forget to carry a hand sanitizer in their bag while traveling. So, if you want to remove your nail polish without a nail paint remover, then you can use your hand sanitizer. Put a little bit of the sanitizer on the cotton ball and rub on the nails. Repeat the process till the time you don’t get the desired results.

Hairspray: There are many hairsprays, which contains rubbing alcohol. You can use such hairspray to remove the nail polish. To remove your nail paint with hairspray, you have to be very quick otherwise you will not be able to remove it. So, rub the polish with the cotton ball before your hairspray gets dry.  

Nail polish: Yes! You read it right. You can use your old nail polish to remove your chipped nail paint. All you need to do is apply a coat of nail polish on your nails and quickly wipe it off with a cotton pad. While removing your chipped nail polish with top coat always remember that top coat needs to be wet while removing the old nail polish.

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