6 Accessories You Should Never Forget While Wearing Saree

Saree is undoubtedly the most beautiful and graceful Indian attire. Be it a party wear, office wear or festival wear, saree is the first choice. Saree is the best choice to look beautiful and stunning, but adding a few accessories can enhance your overall persona. There are multiple chocies available to pick yoru favorite like banarasi saree, silk saree, jaipuri saree, georgette saree, cotton saree, cotton silk saree and many more. There are some do’s and don’t which every woman should keep in mind while wearing a saree to look gorgeous. Saree is a perfect dress for all occasions and reasons. If you are also planning to wear this beautiful masterpiece, then here we are sharing six important accessories you should never forget while wearing saree.

Bangles: Bangles are one of the favorite accessories of Indian women. If you are planning to wear a saree, you should not skip wearing matching bangles with your saree. These bangles are available in almost all colors and shades. You can buy simple colorful bangles, studded bangles, stone and pearl bangles or bangles in different designs. You can even go for dual or multi-color bangles or contrasting color bangles as they look very nice. Besides, you can also buy bangles in golden, silver and metal shades as they go well with almost all colors. So pick your shade and design to accessories your saree.

Wear a bindi: If you think that bindi is only for married women and unmarried women should not wear bindi, then you are absolutely wrong. Young women can also wear this beautiful accessory and look good. It looks fabulous on all, be young or old, married or unmarried. It completes your looks. This beautiful accessory is available in almost all shades, colors and different designs, studded, glitters, and plain bindi. Always select a bindi according to the shape of your face. For instance, if your face is long, then wear round bindi, if your face is round or square, then go for a long bindi. Choice of bindi basically depends upon your personal preferences and on which occasion you are going to wear it. If you are planning to wear it in office, then it is better to use simple bindi to complete your professional look, but if you are going in some party, then a studded or shimmery bindi will look great.

Statement jewelry: Your saree look is incomplete without jewelry. You should always wear some jewelry when you wear a saree. A perfect necklace is important to complete your party look or saree look. These necklaces are available in different shapes, designs, and lengths as well. You can go for small neck length necklace or you can also go for a long-heavy necklace to complement your looks. There are plenty of choices to accessories your saree.

Perfect ethnic handbag: A handbag is an essential accessory and you should not take it lightly. It is a very important accessory when it comes to matching it with saree. Besides, it is useful in many ways as it helps to carry a lot of stuff. You can keep your basic make-up kit, mobile, wallet and other basic things in it if you are going out. But, ensure that you don’t stuff it too much that you find it difficult to carry on the shoulder and feel pain. For your office, it is good to use a simple handbag, but if you are going to carry this in the party, then buy some nice embroidered, ethnic and studded bag to complement your party looks.

Right blouse: The blouse is an essential accessory and you can’t go wrong with it. A wrong choice or badly stitched and designed blouse can spoil your entire look. Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to the minute details of your blouse and chose the right design. An awesome work on your blouse can uplift the overall look of your saree.

Matching footwear: A footwear is as essential as your blouse or your other accessories. You can’t ignore your footwear while wearing a saree. Many women wear flip-flops, casual heels and platform heels with saree, which is totally a wrong choice. While wearing a saree always ensure that you are picking up the right footwear. Go for block heels, pencil heels, and peep-toes to enhance your overall look and look taller and slimmer.

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