5 Ways To Identify That You Are Madly In Love

Do you know what is love? Have you ever been in a relationship before? Do you know how you feel when you are in love? If your answer is No to all these questions, then don’t worry. If you are also confused whether you are in love or not, then we can clear your confusion. When you are deeply in love with someone, you feel really awesome and it is really a different experience. Feeling of that special love is quite different from friendship and other relationships. It is really a new experience for all those who have never been in any relationship earlier. Enjoy this phase and try to make your partner feel the warmth of your love. We are here sharing five ways to identify that you are madly in love.

Do you love being with him/her?: Do you like to be being with him or her most of the time? You always want to be in his/her company. You want to do everything with him/her only. Even you want to enjoy your favorite songs in his/her company. You never want to miss even a single opportunity to remain in his/her company. You always try to find out ways to spend more and more time with him/her.

You don’t mind sacrificing your things: You don’t mind sacrificing your own happiness for him/her. Sacrificing for him/her doesn’t mean that you give up everything, but it means that you don’t mind doing small adjustments and giving preference to him/her. You start thinking of him/her first instead of thinking about your own self.

You trust him/her: This is something very important for any relationship. You trust him/her the way you trust your close friends and family member. You never doubt him/her when he/she shares something with you. You don’t cross-check the things and facts. You have a strong level of trust with him/her and you don’t question him/her to prove them wrong or humiliate them.

You never hide things: You are in your truest self when you are with him/her. You don’t want to and like to hide anything from your partner. You don’t share wrong and false information with him/her to fool them. You always try to tell the truth to build this relationship strong. You never try to build a fake image of yourself or of your family to woo him/her, rather you share all important things with him/her without portraying any wrong image.

You start planning future with him/her: This is another important thing to identify when you are in love with someone. You start planning your future with him/her. It doesn’t mean that you are making plans when you will be 50 or 60 years old. But, you start making plans keeping him/her in mind about your near future like selecting a job location according to his/her preferences, start saving money for your future and even for the honeymoon. These are some small things, which you start planning when you are in love with someone.

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