5 Things On Which Women Love To Spend Maximum Money

Men and women are trained and nurture differently, therefore, they have different spending habits. Generally, men are believed to invest more in different saving plans to grow their money. On the other hand, women are believed to spend more on other things. Therefore, most of the men labeled them as shopaholic. Do you also think that your ladylove is shopaholic? Being a man you want your money to grow and save for your better future. But, women have some different plans as compared to men, when it comes to money. They love to spend money on different things. Here are top five things on which women love to spend maximum money.

Shopping: Shopping is no doubt the most favorite time pass and loved thing. Generally, women spend almost 8.5 years of their life in shopping. Women love shopping and always busy in shopping something or other. You always watch them shopping clothes, bags, shoes, make-up and other stuff. So, shopping is their one of the most favorite thing to spend money. For women, shopping is a great source of happiness. If you are sad, or even happy the first thing you want to do is shopping. According to various studies, many women love to shop if they are depressed. So, in a way, this is their solution to beat the depression and stay happy.

Beauty & Beauty treatments: This is another niche sector where they love to spend money. They don’t mind paying hefty bills for different beauty treatments. Grooming their eyebrows, waxing, trimming, manicure, pedicure, and all such beauty treatments make them happy. Buying different beauty products to look great, give them a special kind of pleasure.

Healthy and fitness: As the trend is changing and everyone wants to look good and fit. Even women are getting conscious about their looks and health. The gym is no more men’s world. You can easily see women in gyms exercising and doing workouts. Besides, they don’t mind to invest money in buying different health supplements and vitamins. Women are the big market for these vitamins and other supplement production companies.

Buying Jewelry: This is another big time craze among women. Women love to look beautiful and jewelry are one their most desired thing. They love to spend money on different jewelry artificial and even really expensive one like diamond, platinum, gold, and silver. So, this is another thing where they love to spend the money.

Home furnishing: Women are the main source of the mass luxury things. You can easily see the same mindset in the advertisement of most of the consumer durable and luxury items be it washing machine, air conditioner, car or home furnishing, all companies target women audience. Women love to spend money on buying these items. If you ask a woman whether she wants to go for a holiday or she wants to renovate her kitchen with the latest design, then she will surely say yes to kitchen renovation.


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