5 Things To Notice That You Are Not Ready To Befriend With Your Ex

After a breakup with your ex, are you sure that you are really ready to befriend with your ex? However, your friends and other pal call it a mature behavior and tag you as a more mature person. But, just to get this tag of maturity, it is not really nice gesture to do so. If you are not ready to befriend with your ex, then it will do more harm to you, instead of doing benefits. There might be chances that you still care for that person or you still have some emotions for him/her. If you once again get attached to this person, it will make your situation worse and make it more difficult for you to deal with the situation. If you still feel that you want to be friend with your ex then you need to think about it before you take your stand. Some people like to stay in touch with all their old flames, but there are many who can’t handle it so easily.

You still feel you are hurt: Getting over your relationship is not easy. You can’t do this in a day. You should give yourself some time to get over the thousands of emotions and tide of different thoughts. If you still feel that emotions, then it is perfectly fine to stay away from forcing yourself to be good with your ex. Take your ample time to get settled with your emotions and enjoy your life.

You still can’t talk about your ex: While talking about your ex or telling things about your ex, your eyes fill with tears and you get emotional then it a clear sign that you are not mentally prepared to be friend with your ex. There could be many reasons behind your emotional behavior, take your time and relax your mind first.

You feel jealous: If you feel jealous when you see your ex talking with someone or you see his/her photographs on social media with someone then you are still attached to your ex. You feel bad after knowing about their relationship status. If thinking about your ex with someone else still gives you pain then it could come in your way of friendship with him/her.

You still want him/her back: You are still not over with this relationship. You are still making efforts to make your ex believe that breaking up is not meant for you two or it is not right. You don’t hesitate to make him/her number of calls/send messages every day, no matter how rudely or badly he/she behaved with you.

Contacting mutual friends: This is another very common thing people do after a breakup. If you are not able to digest this breakup and not ready to move on in life when you try to find out your mutual friends. You try to contact them and convince them to make him/her understand your feelings and not to break up with you. This is something very kiddish and immature behavior. If you are also doing the same thing then for sure you are not ready to be friends again for now at least.

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