Do You Think Sharing Is Caring? 5 Things You Should Never Share With Anyone

We frequently listen to the phrase that sharing is caring. Do you really think that sharing is caring? Yes, in many ways it is, but when it comes to personal products and things it should be avoided. This is because sharing certain things could lead to serious health issues. If you are very sensitive and easily got infections then, it is better to avoid sharing. If you don’t want to take any risk with your healthy then you should consider this list of things. Here are five things, which you should never share with anyone.

Lipstick or lip balm: Generally, most of the women don’t mind sharing their lip color, lip gloss or lip balm with other females. They think it is fine to share their personal product with someone or with friends. But, you should not take it so lightly as it is not at all safe to share lip color with someone else. It could prove extremely dangerous as if your friend may be carrying some fungal infection, skin diseases or herpes, which could prove very disastrous as you get it from your lipstick you have lent to your friend.

Towels: This is something very common and generally we don’t mind sharing our towel with our friends and relatives if they visit our home. But, you know that skin infections are most commonly spread by using else’s towels. Therefore, to stay away from any type of skin infection, use your personal towel. Avoid using common towels at washrooms, hotels, clubs, spas, beauty salons and guest house. Generally, the bacteria and fungus infection spread through sweat of a person and towels provide them breeding ground.

Hair accessories: You should take care of your skin and hair as well as it gets infection easily. To avoid any kind of infection it is always better to avoid using else’s hair accessories. It may contain lice and dandruff. It can be easily transmitted by using hair accessories like hair clips, hair bands, hair brushes and hair scarfs. It is better to you use your personal hair care products to avoid such hair issues and problems.

Headphones: While at work place or travelling with friends or our colleague’s we often ask them to share their headphone. This could prove dangerous for your ear’s health because a certain kind of bacteria breeds in our earwax. If we use someone else’s earphone, we are exposing ourselves to that bacteria as well.

Slippers: Slippers are one of the basic things we end up sharing with all guests who visit our home. But do you know that there are many fungal infections, which can be easily spread by using other’s slippers. Slippers are the breeding ground for many fungus. Therefore, it is always better to give them a new or separate pair of slipper, which you are not going to use avoid any infection.

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