5 Simple & Quick Make-Up Tips For Working Women

One of the greatest challenges for working-women is to choose the perfect make-up for their work place. Most of the women want to look great and confident at work place and right make-up boost their confidence. You always want to look presentable and confident. Today’s women are perfectionist be it managing the home or office. How much time do you need for make-up every day 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 40 minutes or more? Sadly, most of the women don’t have that much time in the morning to devote for their make-up so end up going out without make-up or wrong make-up. To help you out in this, we are here sharing some quick-fix make-up tips for working women to look gorgeous.

Prepare your face in advance: Most of the women clean their make-up once they reach home, and some sleep with make-up on their face as well. This habit can develop a lot of skin problems. To avoid skin issues like pimples, acne, cracks, etc. remove your make-up every day. Clean your make-up thoroughly with cleanser and wash your face with a gentle face-wash. Don’t forget to pamper your face with a good vitamin E rich moisturizer. Always use good moisturizer every night before going to bed, it will rejuvenate your skin and keep it supple and perfect.

Well-defined eyebrows: Some women think that if they apply perfect make up, so nobody will mind about their eyes. But, you are wrong! Well-defined eyebrows can add a lot of meaning to your overall looks. So, if you are habitual of going to parlor every week to pluck in your eyebrows and you always have skinny eyebrows, change this habit. Bold eyebrows look better than skinny and sharp eyebrows. With well-defined bold eyebrows you can go out with minimum make-up as well.

Apply mascara: To invest minimum time on your eyes, you can avoid eyeliner as it needs more time to apply it. Use mascara instead of it for perfect eye make-up. Apply two coats of mascaras to highlight your eyelashes and give them volume. If you apply natural eye shadows with mascara you need not to apply liner on it. It is the best way to save your time on eye make-up.

Use BB cream: You must have heard about these BB creams. They are perfect solution for all your make-up requirements. You need not to apply foundation, face-powder or anything else to give a base to your make-up. Just mix your BB cream with moisturizer and apply on your face and you are done with it. Always chose a BB cream with 20 or 30 SPF so you need not to apply sunscreen as well. Use BB cream, mascara and blush and you are ready for your office.

Matt base lipstick: While choosing the lip color for your office always go for some soft and tone down colors. Don’t use too bright and loud colors as such colors grab more attention. Use matt base lipstick instead of glossy lipsticks as they look more subtle and last longer than glossy lipsticks.

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