5 Signs To Notice That He Is Manipulating You In Relationship

Have you ever heard some demands from your partner to do certain things that you would never expect to do in life? Is he asking for things which are beyond your expectations? The manipulative relationship is very toxic. It is really difficult to identify that you are in a manipulative relationship because most of the time you think that he is making such demands because he loves you from the bottom of his heart. The manipulators tend to change the behaviors of the partner from making emotional pressures and without even letting them know. Manipulative people are least interested in following or knowing your ideas, rather they are more concerned about fulfilling their wishes and ideas at any cost. Here, we are sharing certain signs which you should notice in your partner to identify whether he is a manipulator or not.

He always makes you feel sorry for issues: Most of the time you raise any issue with him or you make any complaint against anything, he makes you feel sorry and guilty about the issue. He tries to make you feel that you are the one who is responsible for the issue or you are the one because of whom such things happen. He always tries to make you feel that there is no problem between you two, moreover, you are overreacting or that is just your imagination.

Crowding your space: If he is manipulative in the relationship he is very smart in crossing the line of personal space and all the time telling you that there is nothing as personal space in a relationship. He is most the time tries to convince you that there should be no barrier and no boundaries between the two if they are in a healthy relationship.

Not ready to take the responsibilities: Manipulative people are not ready to take the responsibility for anything and even any action. If he is manipulative, so he will never ready to take responsibility for anything, rather forces you indirectly and emotionally to take the responsibility. He never finds anything wrong in shrugging off the responsibilities and asking you to take responsibility for things.

He will always play the victim: He will always enforce the idea of being victimized. Firstly, he will always try to impose that he has not done any mistake and if in case something went wrong then it is not because of him, but because of other people or other reasons. He is the one who is never at fault, rather most of the time he got victimized because of other people.

Prove your love: If he is really manipulative than most of the time he will ask you to prove your love. For every small or big thing, he will ask you to show him that you really care for him and you love him. He will force you to such things which are against your wishes to make him feel that you love him and this is the only way to prove your love.

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