5 Signs That Your Parents Really Like Your Boyfriend

No matter how liberal and literate we claim to ourselves, but when it comes to marriage and choosing a life partner we become so stubborn and rigid. When you like someone so much and you want to spend the rest of your life with him, you always want to take the next step with the approval of your family. Generally, most of the parents don’t agree to such a relationship as we assume that they will accept it easily. It becomes more tiring for the kids to make their parents understand their feelings and get their approval for their love marriage. At times, you become so confused between the tussle, you really can’t able to figure out whether your parents like him or not. Here, we are sharing five signs that your parents really like your boyfriend and started accepting him as part of the family.

They are happy to see him: How your parents react when your boyfriend come to meet you or pick you up? Do they welcome him happily whenever he comes to your home? Do they ask him to have a tea or coffee with them or join them for breakfast or lunch? If they do such things, then you should be happy with the fact that they are developing acceptance for him and they start accepting his presence in your life and in their life as well.

He is part of your family outings: If your parents have started inviting him to family get-togethers or inviting him for outings, then you should understand that they are accepting him as part of the family. They now don’t mind introducing to the other family members and relatives and telling about your relationship with him. They have no hesitation in accepting your relationship with him in front of your relatives and other family members.

Developed their own understanding with him: If they are inviting him on lunches or dinner and they don’t mind to seeking his help and advice on different matters, you should be happy over it that he is well accepted by your parents. They have their own level of understanding with him and they always enjoy his company. They respect him and take him as a mature guy.

They say good things about him: They never try to indicate and show unnecessary flaws in him. They never try to create problems between you and him by telling baseless and wrong things about him. They have accepted him as an individual and likes him personally. They don’t mind to praise the various facets of his personality in front of you and in front of others as well.  

They trust him: If your parents allow you to go out of the station with him or allow you to go for a late night movie with him, then you should be happy over it that they consider him as a trustworthy guy. In fact, many times they suggest you to ask him to drop you home or accompany you if you will coming home late.  

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