5 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid During This Festive Season

Dressing up for the festival season is very exciting and at the same time tiring as well. As Navratri begins the festival season and you are all the time busy in planning things for the upcoming festivals. You always want to look perfect when it comes to festival look, therefore you are always cautious about your looks and things you choose to wear during this season. You spend a hell lot of time looking beautiful and perfect during Durga pooja, Karwa chauth, Diwali and other important festivals during this season. Still, most of us make some common mistakes and spoil the whole look. Here, we are sharing some common mistakes one should avoid while dressing up for the festive season. 

Wearing uncomfortable clothes: This is one of the most common mistakes we all make while choosing a dress. We always look for the work, embroidery, motifs and other nitty gritty, but forget to pay attention to the comfort level. While selecting a dress for your special day or festival always pay attention to the comfort level and fitting of the dress. The dress should be a perfect fit and at the same time it should be comfortable as you are supposed to wear it for the whole day or at least for 7-8 hours. Therefore, always think about the comfort level as well.  

Right pick for the festival: While selecting the dress for the festival season always go with the flow and festival mood. Never choose a dress which will look odd during this time. Most of us prefer to wear something traditional during this time, but if you want to go for the western look or some fusion dress then keep do’s and don’ts in mind while selecting your dress. It should not raise eyebrows of people around you while you greet them during festivals. 

Wearing wrong jewelry: This is one of the most common mistakes most females make. Either they go for too much jewelry like wearing long danglars with too prominent neckpiece or they wear nothing exciting to match up with their dress except wearing too many bangles. So always try to make harmony in your jewelry and dress to look perfect during the festival time.  

Avoid multiple hair accessories: Your hairs are your crown, always pay attention to your hair and hair accessories. Choose accessories which will compliment your hair length and hair style at the same time. Too much hair accessories or wrong hair accessories will spoil the whole look. Try to use artificial flowers and accessories instead of fresh flowers as they will look dull and smelly after some time. 

Spending too much on dresses: There is no harm in wearing expensive clothes during festival season, but always remember that most of the time we don’t wear such dresses again or wear them once or twice only. Therefore, always make the smart move by picking the perfect dress within your budget. Always keep your budget in mind while choosing your festive dress as a simple temptation to buy an expensive dress might create hole in your pocket and spoil your other plans. So try to shop within your budget to enjoy the festivals. 

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