5 Common Excuses He Will Surely Give You After Cheating On You

You can’t ignore that fact that cheating has become so common in relationships. Even the best couples and loving partners also don’t mind to cheating on. Nowadays, non-commitment and easy-going relationships are more in trend and people are not much serious about life-long relationships and commitments. In such kind of situation, it becomes more important to guard yourself and keep your eyes and ears open if you are in a relationship. Make sure that the person is reliable enough to take the next step in your relationship. Otherwise, you will only be left with nothing, but a broken and failed relationship. Moreover, there are many people who will never accept their mistake. Besides, they will give you excuses to make you believe that they have not done anything wrong, but you are at fault. No matter, whatever excuse they will give you, cheating is always wrong and you should not accept it. Here, we are sharing five common excuses he will surely give you after cheating on you.

I am not happy with this relationship: This is one of the most common excuses given by someone who cheated on their partner. If your partner says that he is not happy in this relationship that’s the reason he cheated on you and tried to find happiness outside this relationship. This is just an excuse. If he is really not happy with you or with this relationship, then he would have to tell you this or talk to you about this to make your relationship better. He should not have moved out to look for happiness outside this relationship.

I find this relationship dull: Do you really find relationship dull or boring? If that was the reason for cheating on your partner, there are countless ways to add spark in a relationship, rather than looking for options outside your relationship. If you think that your relationship is going through a dull phase, then you can go out on a trip, or on a vacation, plan some adventure trip for both of you. You can anytime put more efforts to make your relationship happy and strong once again.

I can’t handle all the fights: This is just another lame excuse to cover your mistake. There is no couple in this world, who never fights or have a difference of opinion. You should be enough mature to handle and deal with your common fights and stay happy with your partner. This is something, which you can talk to your partner and sort out. Cheating is something, which can’t be accepted and tolerated in any form.

If you really loved me, you can forget this: This is a something beyond acceptance. To love someone doesn’t mean that forget and forgive all their mistakes. It is totally non-acceptable to give such an excuse. Accepting such an excuse means that you are giving him another chance to make such kinds of mistake in the future as well and destroy your relationship.  

I don’t know why it happened: It might be true or it might be false. There are many people who actually don’t know the reason why they cheated on their partner or when they indulge in such kind of behavior without even noticing it. But, again this is not the right excuse to accept and ignore his mistake.

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