5 Bollywood Couples With Surprising Huge Age Difference

Bollywood is famous for hookups and relationships. You must have seen many famous on-screen jodi’s, which you want to see off-screen as well. The fans of these Bollywood celebrities want to see such beautiful pairing off-screen as well. You must have seen many superhit on-screen pairs falling in love with each other and getting married. But, there are some Bollywood couple who are not only adorable and looks great together, but one thing which makes them different from other is their huge age difference. These couples have also faced many issues and opposition before marriage, but nothing affects their decision to spend their life together. Here, we are sharing the list of Bollywood couples with surprising huge age difference, but they are happily married.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor: Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are one of the most adorable and loving couples of Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan is 12 years older to Kareena Kapoor. This huge age difference has nothing to do with their marriage and relationship as their relationship is very strong and they are one of the power couples of Bollywood. As a couple,  they are always in news, but always because of all good reasons.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput: After break up with Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor opted for an arranged marriage with Mira Rajput. The thing that makes this marriage different is the huge age difference between the Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput. The couple has a whopping 14 years of age difference.

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia: They are one of the cutest couples of Bollywood. They were in a long-term relationship before getting married. They never paid attention to the huge age difference between them. Riteish was 37 years old when he tied the wedding knot with Genelia and she was just 28. They have almost 9 years of the age gap, but the couple doesn’t seem to have a problem in their married life because of this age gap.

Dilip Kumar and Saira: The veteran actor of Bollywood Dilip Kumar and Saira set new standards of relationship in front of all us. The couple fell in love and got married, but their marriage was always in news because of the age difference. The couple has a whopping age difference of 22 years. When they got married to Dilip Kumar was 44 years and Saira was just 22 almost half of his age. They are still together and their relationship is an example for all young couples that age has nothing to with relationship if you love each other.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao: After taking divorce from his first wife Rina Dutta, Aamir Khan married to Kiran Rao. The couple has almost 9 years of age difference, but this doesn’t stop them from being together. Aamir is 53 and wife Kiran is just 44, but their relationship is very strong and this age difference has nothing to do with their relationship.

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