5 Bollywood Celebrities Who Lost Their Virginity Before 18

Bollywood is known for its bold avatar, be it its movies or be it the Bollywood celebrities. There are many Bollywood celebrities who are bold enough to have a discussion on any topic be it their personal life, love life, break-ups, hook-ups or their sex life. They are not very much worried about their image and they share their personal stuff like all of us. They are bold enough to admit that they lost their virginity at an early age and don’t want to hide this from people because they don’t find anything wrong and shameful in it. Check out five Bollywood celebrities who lost their virginity before 18.

Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor was the first actor who was enough bold to accept and tell the details about losing his virginity. However, he was made fun of being the playboy of Bollywood. He admitted that he lost his virginity before 18 years. The actor openly confessed that his first time with his girlfriend was when he was only 15 years old.

Ranveer Singh: He is among those of Bollywood actors who are considered to be to loud mouth and open. He is one of the most open celebrities who doesn’t hesitate to accept this first physical relationship, one-night stand, and his other relationships. He confessed during an interview that he lost his virginity at the age of 12, which is too young for a country like India where having sex before marriage is still taboo and even people don’t like to discuss it openly.

Kalki Koechlin: Child’s sexual abuse is one of the most heinous and horrific things. Kalki revealed that she became the victim of child sexual abuse when she was just nine years old as she was not aware of what it was all about. Though she kept this secret for years and did not reveal to her parents as well as she considered it as her personal mistake. It is really important for people to remove taboo around the word sex in India so that children can at least share their complexities with their parents openly.  

Kartik Aryan: This cute looking talented actor accepted on a web portal that he lost his virginity at quite a very young age. He mentioned that he was just 18 when he first time got intimate with someone.

Dimple Kapadia: This gorgeous actress of yesteryear’s got married to Rajesh Khanna at just the age of 16 years. She also mentioned that she gave birth to Twinkle Khanna in the same year when she was just 16. However, this is quite a young age to get married, but she has that moral passport completely because she was doing it within societal norms.

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