5 Bollywood Actresses Who Got Married Late

In India, one thing which bothers everyone except you is your age and most importantly your marriageable age. No matter, whether you are in your early twenties or in your early thirties you should have got married as soon as possible. Most of the people still believe that one should have got married the moments you enter into your twenties and they give you thousand reasons to support their notion. Everyone in your relationship and even your parents are always worried about your marriage if you have entered in your sweet twenties. But, there are many people who don’t settle down for anything and everything in their life and waited for their partner so long until the time they don’t find the perfect one. Here, we are talking about five Bollywood divas who found their love so late in their life and for them, age has nothing to do with marriage. Let’s take a look at such Bollywood beauties, who followed their heart and married late in life without bothering about their age.

Suhasini Mulay: She is very talented and versatile actresses of Bollywood. She is among those actors who are equally famous and popular in tele world as well. She is known for her refined acting skills and bold choices of characters she played in tele world and Bollywood. She also made the news when she got married at the age of 60s. She got married to Atul Gurtu, a doctor by profession on January 16, 2011. This is the first marriage for Suhasini and second marriage for Atul. He lost his first wife because of cancer.

Farah Khan: She is the well-known name in the Bollywood industry and people love her because of her unmatched choreography skills and witty direction of movies. She got married to Shirish Kunder, who is eight years younger to her. She decided to marry him when she was 39 years old. However, they got married in a very simple manner, but her decision of getting married to someone too young to her shocked everyone in the Bollywood.

Urmila Matondkar: This is another breaking and astonishing story for all. Urmila Matondkar is the well-known name of Bollywood and she made a special place for self in Bollywood. She got married to Mir Mohsin Akhtar, at the age of 42. Her husband, who is model by profession and younger to her. Urmila too got married in a very private ceremony and invited only a few friends from Bollywood to attend her marriage. She breaks this news when nobody has any clue about her as she was not even doing any films at that time. She was looking really stunning and happy in her wedding images. We can say that love has no age bar.

Preity Zinta: Before getting married to Gene Goodenough in 2016, in Los Angeles, she was in a very steady relationship with Ness Wadia. Everyone was expecting that she will soon tie the wedding knot with Ness. But, she broke up with him on a very bad note. Love entered into her life once again and this bubbly girl found her true love in Gene. Looking at her wedding picture we can easily figure out that how happy and confident she was about her choice of getting married to Gene. She is another perfect example of how happy you can be if you got married to the right person without bothering about your age.

Rani Mukherjee: Everyone in the film industry knew that Rani was dating Aditya for quite a long time. But, neither Rani, nor Aditya ever accepted this publicly. But, their sudden and private marriage surprised everyone in Bollywood and even their fans as well. Looking at this beautiful and powerful couple, we all can say that one should not bother about their age much, but marry only when they find the perfect partner.

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