20 signs that he doesn’t love you anymore

When you are in a relationship and you find things going south and you got confused. In such a situation, you really don’t know whether he loves you any more or not. You just want to ensure yourself that he is with you, but his body language tells you something else. In such a complicated and confusing situation, it is not easy to decide whether he still loves you or doesn’t anymore. Here are some simple signs to figure out what’s there in his mind or he is just taking some time to reveal the truth. Signs that he doesn’t love you anymore:

  1. He doesn’t talk to you or connect with you the way he used to do earlier.
  2. He always tells you that he is busy with something or other and doesn’t have time to meet you. he always cancels all the plans with you.
  3. He is always in a mood to fight with you even on the silliest and smallest things. The things over which he never said anything, now become so big thing between you two.
  4. He always tries to change you and wants you to behave the way he wants. He tries to rule you.
  5. Whenever he talks about the future, it is just his own plans. He doesn’t make plans keeping you in the mind. You are nowhere in the picture of his future plans.
  6. Now, he is not bothered to call you anymore. There is no consistency in his calls. He calls you once or twice in a week. Moreover, you make him calls to talk to him. On all calls, he sounds so busy.
  7. He never tells you anything about his parents and family. Besides, he changes the topic whenever you ask anything about his family.
  8. Whenever you ask him, “Do you love me”, he just changes the topic or says that he needs some more time to think and make his decision.
  9. He is not very much interested in your future plans and your dreams. He is more concerned about himself and his future.
  10. He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends. Moreover, he avoids any public appearance with you. He never attends any party or get-together with you.
  11. He never talks about taking this relationship to next level or about marriage.
  12. He doesn’t trust you. He questions you things about baseless events. He doubts your each and every action or whatever you tell him he just shows his lack of trust in your words.
  13. He never makes any effort to clear fights, and confusion cropped because of your fight.
  14. He never makes any effort to build a strong bond and understanding. Besides, he doesn’t mind to blast on you in public or insult you publically. Even he cracks harsh and weird jokes on you to make fun of you.
  15. He never remembers any important date or event. He is just brain dead when it comes to remembering important dates. Always remember, those who love you will never miss a single opportunity to bring the smile on your face, be it the smallest thing or event of your life.
  16. He always points out about your dressing sense and the way you look. He just keeps on insisting you look slim and dress in a particular way he wants.
  17. He chose his friends over you when it comes to going out on weekends. He hardly makes any plan with you for weekends. Besides, most of his weekends are preplanned with his friends.
  18. He never says sorry to you for his mistakes. When someone loves you he just ensures not to harm you or annoy you. In case if he does so unknowingly, he never minds to apologize and say sorry.
  19. He never introduces you to his friends as his girlfriend, rather he just introduces you as another friend.
  20. Whenever he is with you, his eyes are dancing always. He is checking out girls around and doesn’t miss an opportunity to pass a comment. If someone loves you, he will never do such things in front of you and not even in your absence. Besides, he will focus more on you, rather than other things around.

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